Request for content suggestions

Hi all!

Many of you know that Prostasia has become much more widely known (just passed 3500 followers on Twitter!) in the past year, and we’re still working on taking advantage of that to bring our prevention advocacy to a wider audience. One idea we’re pursuing is providing a regular list of content suggestions (books, podcasts, videos, and movies) that are relevant to prevention or other aspects of our work. This would spread awareness of important topics related to prevention. If you need examples check out the content we’ve reviewed on our blog in the past.

As people who are passionate about prevention, we figured you all might have suggestions for content that has shaped your views on prevention and related issues, and we want to help it reach a wider audience. Feel free to use this space to share those suggestions, and you might see some of them mentioned in a future newsletter.


I really enjoyed the past podcasts and would like hearing it return. Earlier this year I gave an audio interview to a UK researcher about child sized companion dolls, and I think hearing from other doll owners explain how it has benefited their lives could be helpful.

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