Research on age-based attractions among males

According to this garbage, more men sexually aroused by 13 year olds than by 20 year olds. What the fuck is this. The “researchers” should be prosecuted.

Does the truth burn?


Wait… Am I reading this wrong? Maybe it’s the highest % of men who find a certain age attractive, and it just so happened that a huge majority of men find a certain age range attractive, but most of men in capable of attraction to that age range would still find a 20 year old most attractive?

Either way, this “research” normalizes pedophilia and should be illegal.

The idea that more men are attracted to a 13 year old CHILD than to a 19 year old ADULT is absolutely disgusting. I don’t know why this research is even legal.

So you want to make research illegal because the data destroys your own narrative and perspectives? Noble lies to keep society going, huh? To me, the only good thing about noble lies is when they are exposed at the most interesting times, like pulling a thread to unravel the whole tapestry. The resulting chaos is always a knee-slapper to watch.


Adults should never find a 13 year old more attractive than an 18 year old! 13 YEAR OLDS CANNOT FUCKING CONSENT HOW HARD IS THIS TO FUCKING UNDERSTAND WHAT THE FUCK

Again, are you arguing with the data, assuming that data is true?


The fact that they tested this with 13 year olds is SICKENING. You are never suppose to do these tests with images of under 18 yo WHAT THE FUCK. I DO NOT FUCKING CARE what the “research” shows. All it does is that it normalizes pedophilia. THERE IS NO REASON to conduct such research. Yes it’s worth figuring out whether a 20 year old is more attractive than a 26 or 18 year old. BUT WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU USE LITERAL FUCKING IMAGES OF MINORS FOR THIS WHAT THE FUCK.

It only serves to normalize pedophilia and other degenerate attractions to minors. I want this study BANNED. The results are incredibly damaging to society. I want the researchers who conducted it PROSECUTED. No QUESTION about that.

Does anyone know how to debunk this study???

Galileo: The earth is round.
Chief Inquisitor: You are normalizing round-earthism! Off with your head!

There are plenty of reasons why research like this is important, despite being controversial. How do you know what ranges of sexual attraction are normal if you don’t… research that? Banning, even criminalizing scientific research, would drag us back into the dark ages. Your suggestions aren’t becoming any more sensible.


This post is just ridiculous.

I don’t agree with the research you’ve linked, I’d have to read more into it to understand it.

Most of the research I’m familiar with, including the DSM-V, presumes that the population of candidates for pedophilic disorder, is about 3-5% but it does not postulate the population of those with a pedophilic sexual interest, which I’ve read some studies predict to be anywhere from 15 - 20% of men, though, those studies even admit the data is not to be perceived as conclusive.

That’s actually very good data! It only bolsters our resolve because it further delineates pedophilic disorder from mere pedophilia! Pedophilia =/= pedophilic disorder.

But… no. You don’t get to incarcerate people for research, even if it’s wrong or in bad faith, and especially not for being offensive or disagreeable. That’s like arresting your doctor for ruining your good weekend by telling you that you have cancer.

Dammit now you’ve gotten me curious. Guess it’s back down the research rabbit hole for me.


But… no. You don’t get to incarcerate people for research, even if it’s wrong or in bad faith, and especially not for being offensive or disagreeable. That’s like arresting your doctor for ruining your good weekend by telling you that you have cancer.

Who said anything about incarceration. In my state most criminal convictions result in probation/suspended prison sentence. Leftists in my state are trying to experiment with alternatives to prison which is all fine. But yes if they cause enough trouble they might have to be locked up. And the doctor comparison is not fucking comparable in the slightest. It’s a blatant false comparison. If it turns out up to 30% of the human population are either pedo or hebophiles, this research must be destroyed with no questions asked. We don’t want people to know this is reality otherwise this population can become extremely dangerous. It’s better that they think they are the only ones and that only a tiny percentage of people share their mental disorder.

Just because “It’S FoR SciENcE” is not an excuse to destabilize society. Certain forms of knowledge should be destroyed. Of all the research why this??? For what benefit? Just to satisfy one’s own morbid curiosity?

This is science denialism, literally. We, obviously I hope, don’t stand for that.


That is a really scary attitude.


Well you’ve just published this outside it’s source and alerted untold numbers of people to the material. So you are now complicit in distribution of material you find offensive and think should be illegal. Therefore you should arrest yourself … sentence yourself to 1 year of no internet access.


Not the same thing. I’m trying to get it banned. Ultimately I’d like to make creation, distribution and possession felonies. But it’s not yet. “research” that has a credible risk of causing societal destabilization should be criminalized.

Science, even when the results are undesired and/or opposed to societies tightly held beliefs, must never be censored.

I’m not sure on the research, or exactly what conclusion, if any, can be drawn from it, it’s not one I’ve ever looked at in depth.

Edit: All the study seems to show is that ~25% of men have some hebephilic tendencies, which is no surprise. Not sure where the data you’re showing came from or what it’s supposed to mean.


Well it might be important to put this into context. By nature , by our biology it could be the case our lizard brains are attracted at 13+ because that’s when all the mechanisms are ripe for childbirth, so peak interest is there and then it drops off especially when you get to an age where childbirth is unhealthy or not possible. That’s all i’m seeing in that graph is the lizard brain of genetic reproduction preference at work.
So what? we have social contracts (laws) and social norms outside the dictat of nature, because we have intelligence. In the past consent was at 12/13 and we raised it, we raise it because there is social change and we are living longer.


Age of consent was never 12/13 except for the middle ages, it was consistently 16,17,18 even during the caveman times. There is this myth that the age of consent was always lower in history. This is false. It did go down during the middle ages, but that it went back up to 16-18 recently.

Also 13 year olds are not mechanically developed. You are thinking 18 year olds.

I REFUSE to believe that there are more men who can find 13 year olds CHILDREN attractive than 19 year old ADULT women.

Then don’t believe it, I don’t think it’s accurate either, although my thinking doesn’t just boil down to “eewwwwww” like yours does.