Research opportunity for MAPs

Reasons for dropping out of MAP-specialized psychotherapy

For my master’s thesis, I am currently working on exploring reasons why MAPs don’t continue/drop out of any kind of treatment or therapy that they underwent to help them deal with their sexual attraction toward minors or the resulting problems related to it. We invite individuals to participate in the study who identify as having a sexual attraction to minors and have already undergone treatment (medical, psychotherapy, etc.) but have abandoned it.

We would greatly appreciate your contribution to the study. Reaching many participants will also help us to better understand the needs of MAP who try going to therapy. Important: It is explicitly not our position that all MAP need therapy or require treatment in any way. We would like to identify approaches to tailor treatment services more closely to the needs of MAP who seek therapy on their own due to problems related to their sexual preference.

Alina Göpel, B.Sc. Psych.