Research Question - Could stigma be a causal factor behind CSA?

Could the stigma behind pedophilic sexual interests and subject matter be a relevant factor into child sexual abuse, perhaps even a causal one?

I’ve been reviewing some of literature by Milton Diamond on CSAM availability and decreased CSA statistics in the Czech Republic, as well as his literature on pornography (and simulated) availability in Denmark and Japan, in addition to the Danish study on anime/Manga which concluded that there was no causal link between the consumption of virtual/fictional child pornography (such as in art and literature) and the commission of CSA.

If we take a look at the cultures of Japan and Denmark with regard to these types of mediums, we can see that there’s considerably less stigma behind artistic and fantasy expression in pornography, as opposed to real CSAM. This, combined with significantly lower rates of sex crimes could suggest that less stigma in the culture associated with mere interests, rather than acts, may be a variable to consider when evaluating CSA and prevention.

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Would it be possible to investigate this by way of academic inquiry??