Research Questions

I believe empirical data from research on fictional pornography could be applied to dolls? Prostasia is already funding research that asks this question that seeks to ask the question in a more conclusive, in-depth form.

Though, some findings already exist. More research would be beneficial.

I believe it could, though, as hinted by this observational study, literature is already being tainted by the arbitrary tastes, opinions, and mores of those asking the question.


I am not convinced what so ever. Not enough proof! Why can’t these people just stick to looking at pictures of adults??? Vast majority of nonces are capable of having sexual relationships with adults so why do they need this sickness wtf.

Also to the mod: How nice of you to close my thread advocating for the death penalty. I thought you were for free speech.

Just like adults? Wow, you’ve just solved it, I’m no longer attracted to children, I’d never thought to just like adults instead.

Most child abusers are also not attracted to children.

We don’t have much research, that’s why we’re doing more, but so far there’s nothing suggesting these things cause harm.

Why can’t rapists just… not rape?

…what an asinine comment.


Life without desire is already the life of a condemned man. Why should witches hold themselves back just to allow the stupid peasants to rest easier?

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