Researcher Abuse

As far as I can see, Crystal Mundy hasn’t done anything bad, rather she has gone the extra mile in covering herself from saying anything which could be construed as bad. I don’t really care about Michael Seto, and I am sure he shares the same sentiment about me.

It might be better for Twitter to be deregulated, as it means people won’t be suspended for stupid things, and Twitter has historically always been a cesspool to tread carefully in. It is more of a chan of a social network than a safe space.

Abusing someone who hasn’t really done anything objectionable is a very stupid and pointless idea. Her ideas are hardly fiery or objectionable. No where would you find her advocate crimes as okay, that CP (or some subset thereof) should illegal, that sentences should be shorter, or that “contact might not be as bad as it’s made out to be”.

You would think she was a researcher with a close affiliation with NAMBLA (which hardly exists and only appears in practice within conspiracy theories to discredit LGBT) with how they are acting.

Welcome to the world of Twitter antis, almost everything they do is stupid and pointless. Prominent figures will latch onto anything they see as remotely supportive of paedophiles and send their armies of brainwashed minors to attack and mass report them.