Revolving Door in Prisons

There was also one where someone starts looking at child pornography at the age of 15, goes to prison three times over it (after getting meticulously tracked down and arrested by the police each time) and quickly goes back to looking at it once they’re out. They keep upping the sentences, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

This one is very weird. He watched child pornography in the midst of being charged for a child pornography offense?

This is why I support clockwork orange mental reprogramming in some cases. I was watching a documentary on defending criminals and there are some that keep getting into trouble, sometimes for EXACTLY the same crime they were in for.

Obviously not every criminal, whether it’s burglary, car stealing, assault, CSAM possession, and any other serious crime requires the clockwork orange method, but it could be useful in this case.

As far as CSAM offenses go, I read the re-arrest rate is around 6%. 3.6% contact SO, 2.3% another CSAM offense. So this particular retard in the story seems to be more of an anomaly than a pattern in this particular type of criminal.

I propose 1, 2, and 3 strike laws regarding when state-mandated mental reprogramming would be applied when it becomes a practical alternative to lengthy incarceration.

Murder, Rape, Child Molestation, filming child sexual abuse, sexual abuse of an elderly by someone who is not elderly nor a minor, Aggravated arson, Grievous Bodily Harm, high/aggravated treason, Terrorist and biological weapons offenses, and white collar crimes totaling over 50 million in losses are Strike 1. You don’t get a second chance, you get forcibly mentally reprogrammed, fined enormously under the titled and released on supervision.

Non-penetrative sexual assault of an adult, distribution of CSAM, Possession of CSAM through purchase, arson, treason, Unlicensed distribution of Heroin, Meth, or other extreme drugs of more than 5 Kilos, and white collar crimes totaling 10 million in losses between the first and second convictions will be Strike II. If you are convicted twice, you get forcibly reprogrammed like in Clockwork Orange.

Possession of “access with intent to view” CSAM, unlicensed distribution of extreme drugs of between 1/2 Kilo and 5 Kilos, burglary, white collar crime in which more than $1,500,000 was stolen across all 3 convictions, Assault resulting in mild bodily harm, threats to kill, rape, or cause grievous bodily harm, will be strike III offenses. If you are three time convicted of these offenses, you get forcibly reprogrammed.

FYI, If you possessed 35 indecent images of children, convicted, than went on a white collar crime spree totaling 2 million in losses, get convicted, than posted a credible threat to kill. You get forcibly reprogrammed. It does not require you to recidivate on the exact same crime you were previously convicted of.