Risk factors in Mysopedia?


Predisposing factors (1 year prior tocrime) represent an obstacle repetitively met by the individual in his life or a zone ofvulnerability that has triggered the development of one or many ineffective coping strategies

Sexual murderers of children report significantly more problems of compulsive work than sexual murderers of women. Compulsive work is defined as the participant having more than one full-time job at the same time; the number of hours devoted to his work prevents him from establishing and/or maintaining satisfactory familial and/or social relationships.

Sexual murderers of children also reported more perception of rejection and a generalized conflict in the year prior to the homicide as opposed to the sexual murderers of women. Here, a generalized conflict refers to opposition or avoidance conduct toward a real or symbolic group of individuals.


I hate child killers with a passion.

Mysopeds creature is what people think of when they think of MAPs. Of course, in reality, vast majority of MAPs are not Mysopedic. But in the minds of the general public, they tend to think so and the Mysoped would be the stereotypical MAP. It would be nice if the media would stop calling these creatures “pedophiles” and start calling them “mysopeds”. I don’t think MAPs are monsters, but Mysopeds? Yes. Even worse than the typical contact offender.

Mysopeds can be distinguished from other child molesters in that they have a genuine sexual preference for the suffering of children.

Unlike the majority of sex offenders, there is no way to rehabilitate them.

Some experts believe that mysopeds are resistant to treatment or generally receive longer sentences, resulting in their receiving a lower priority for intervention. Should mysopeds be willing to participate in therapy, clinicians are advised to be wary that this willingness may be due to enjoyment in recounting their crimes in detail, hence reliving the deviant experience. In addition, mysopeds may be master manipulators and attempt to con/manipulate professionals into believing they have been rehabilitated.

How do you fix them? You can’t. Creatures like Peter Gerard Scully far more accurately described as a mysoped than a “pedophile”. He could be both, who knows, but he is most definitely a Mysoped. Hopefully, the Philippines sentences him to death, as that is the only proper sentence for this subhuman animal.

Mysopeds are generally aroused or excited by the torture and terror of a child, and often taken to the point of mutilation, usually with a sharp-edged weapon. While mysopeds are also not just sexually aroused by extreme violent acts toward children, they appear to be motivated by a genuine hatred of children and want to punish and inflict as much pain on them as possible. For the mysoped, torture of the victim equates to sexual pleasure (Holmes, & Holmes, 1994; Lanning, 1994).

I’d be extremely hesitant to release them, but if a stronger social safety net (for instance, for unemployment) were to reduce the frequency at which such attacks occur, it would be a great boon for society. Or mental health services in general. Locking someone away stops them committing further attacks, but it doesn’t restore the damage they’ve caused.

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30675817 A 2019 paper.

Such studies have found that homicidal offenders had a higher prevalence of mental illness, para-philias, and personality disorders, including sexual sadism, psychosis, and psychopathy.

Psychopathy is a nebulous term, but psychosis is something which can be dealt with.

Approximately two fifths (n= 3, 37.5%) of the offenders were unemployed at the time of murder

In the other, it was 81% IIRC.

I prefer looking at psychology papers rather than criminology papers, as these sorts of papers like to jump to conclusions. But, fortunately, there have been too few crimes of this nature to do a more extensive analysis. They might end up pooling information from other countries to get more statistical power for a study.