Scared of my parents and talking about CSA

Context: adult, CSA victim from 10-16

Im constantly scared of my parents. I can’t even be around them, I get scared and distant with them out of fear. They are very annoyed by it and take it personally

They know im a CSA victim (unsure if they believe it), and im scared how that will play out if they ever figure out my attractions

Overall, what im saying is, im scared if they will outright say im lying if they find out im a pedophile, or much worse, try to disown me/hurt me,

Does anyone else deal with these fears? How do you cope with them?


I assume you’ll have to get some form of professional help. Any way i know that some people are big on pedophiles coming out to the their family, but I don’t think so its risky and i not really sure what it would get you.

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She refuses medication xwx,

I will move out soon, thankfully

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