Search Engine Filters

For the past couple of years, search engine maintainers have been infected by a brain parasite which compels them to censor any keyword which might be even vaguely related to “pedophiles”.

The word “pedophile”, “loli”, “lolicon”, and so on.

They’re doing this under the utterly delusional idea that this will no doubt stop people looking at CP. But, I am sure it will increase the chances of someone looking at CP, because the easiest and most obvious ways of geting to this content (or any legal content, for that matter) will be right through the sorts of sketchy places which might have it.

If they encounter the actual CP, there is a high risk someone might decide they like it so much they don’t want to look at anything else. Other forms of censorship include delisting any website which contains a page with a loli. It may be good to stick legal sites to the top of a keyword, if, if something sneaks it’s way in (is that the worry?), it should be pushed way down by default as a side-effect. Being a popular site tends to do that.

Please get search engines to stop acting like a virtue signalling thought police. You’re not even going to succeed in stopping me from finding (not real people) lolis, you are just going to make it a gigantic pain to do so.


Do you have a list of search terms that you’ve noticed are affected? These lists are secret and we haven’t been able to get our hands on them despite asking. It does affect Prostasia because we use paid search ads with search terms that are targeted to attract people who might be looking for CP on the dark web. Every so often, we get informed that our search terms have been blocked.