Seeking informative conversation

First off I hope this is okay. I read the guidelines and I think it’s alright? Still, if not, I’ll remove it.

I’m a writer and criminology student. I hope to one day work in rehabilitation. Currently, slightly related to that I’m writing a novel in which the main character suffers from pedophilia. It’s been healing to me as a survivor to write about a pedophile who would never hurt anyone, and I’ve learned a good bit. The issue is, as I’ve done research on treatment and therapy, I can’t find many first hand accounts of what it’s like to live with this disorder. So I was wondering if anyone would like to message me so we could talk and I could ask some questions?

If it would be triggering or uncomfortable then absolutely ignore, your mental health comes first. Have a great day.

@elliot might be able to help you get what info you need, or get you in contact with someone who could assist you.

I am open to answer some questions. You can contact me by PM or at [email protected] . It is a throwaway email, so I don’t have notifications, but I’ll try to think about checking it.

You might want to consider the depth of a person’s attraction. For some of us it’s more that we like to watch and look at kids doing kid stuff. For others it can become an obsession. Then you have those that look for opportunities to/and have, crossed the line of offending. I believe there’s likely a very wide range.

I know you said your character “…would never hurt anyone”, but you ARE studying criminology which I really don’t know much about. Is it more about prevention or punishment? Or what drives people to break the varying degrees of laws?

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I’d love that, thank you!

I hadn’t really thought of the range in depth, which sounds silly, so thanks for the tip. He isn’t exclusively attracted to children. He is an obsessive person so I’ll have to look more into that. Thanks a ton!

I am studying criminology and planning to do exclusively psychology after. I should have more clearly stated where I was coming from. I want to work with the incarcerated, not with the law. I plan to be a therapist and work with the incarcerated. There’s a lot of things under that umbrella I want to do as well; under this topic, I think there’s a lot that needs to be done in regards to how we view pedophiles because the way we view them now isn’t helpful to anyone.

Sorry if that came off rambly. I’m just awake.

Thanks a bunch! I’ll email you rn!

Why not advocate for prevention? Help people with their attactions instead of taking notes and reporting them. Once someone has crossed the line, lives are ruined. I consider the situation a total failure at that point.

There’s always areas of research to be done so we can understand what causes it and how people can cope without harming anyone. I’ve found that dolls are extremely helpful for most people. They really do change people’s lives for the better!


Aside from dolls, one thing that helps me express my sexuality in a harmless way is by role play / age play with other adults in CGI environments. You can contact me though my burner account if you like.
[email protected]


Here’s a thought.

Regardless of attraction, most adhere to boundaries, exercising the agency to moderate.

No one controls an attraction pattern more than one controls whether one likes the smell of baking bread. One can walk into a market, smell baking bread and have no desire to act on it.


I’m not reporting anyone. If you told me of a crime it’d be illegal for me not to report it as a civilian in my country, but the same goes for if someone messaged me to let me know that they’ve killed someone. Those two crimes I expect to the same extent on this or any other site. I’m not assuming anyone here is guilty of anything.

Maybe I phrased this wrong. My work is fiction. It’s related but mostly separate from my studies. I mainly want to talk to someone to make it realistic.

I think it would be best in regards to prevention if we had more of an understanding of pedophilia. I don’t think these two things are separate, much the opposite. My goal is to help people but as I said I’m simply working toward a degree, I have no ability to provide therapy at the moment. I’m simply learning. If someone doesn’t want to aid in that then I completely respect that. I’m not entitled to any knowledge about an individual.

Thank you! I appreciate it.

Aside from being an exclusive pedophile, i read a lot of books about it and spend a big chunk of my time with children.
I also outed myself to a few people so i know a bit about the reactions of normal people. You can contact me here: [email protected]

Thank you! Have a great day.

This cannot be said enough. The conversation always turns to be more about pedophilia as an attraction rather than a motivator for CSA perpetration or CSAM consumption.

The fact that so many people are willing, and able to, live comfortably with these outlets, which grant them much-needed benefits and provide a much-needed catharsis that helps keep them offense-free and keeps kids safe, is remarkable in itself. It provides them a way to reconcile their interests and fantasies with the fact that they must not be acted on in a way that involves a real minor, and that it’s perfectly okay for them to have these feelings.


I think you need to consider that “pedophile” covers a lot of possibilities these days. Dictionary definition is a person attracted to prepubescent children. It is often used to denote anyone attracted to minors of any age. There are people attracted to infants, toddlers, preadolescents, early adolescents or late adolescents. Some may have more than one attraction. Some are exclusive, some are attracted to adults as well. Then there is the level of involvement that can exist. There are child molesters, although many molesters are not pedophiles, just someone about power and control over others. There are those look, but don’t touch. They are criminals as well since they facilitate the dissemination of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), commonly referred to as kiddie porn. There are those that have an attraction and control it by various means, e.g. CGI, art, lolicon, text stories, role play, dolls, etc. These people are not criminals since they do not harm real children. Just make-believe children. Society will class them as criminals anyway.

You need to consider what level of pedophile you wish to write about and how that person is dealing with their attraction. And you need to consider how communicative the subject wants to be with society. Most Minor Attracted People (MAP) tend to be very secretive about this issue. For obvious reasons.

I do hope you have success with this. It might start getting people to look at MAPs in a new way.


I believe we’ve spoken elsewhere already. @ainelioon can you confirm?