Serving survivors with trauma conditions

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As an infantile incest sexual abuse survivor with a cacophony of lasting trauma-conditions to navigate in the long-term, I got to a point of understanding that left me bereft for all survivors lost in the wilderness. We want to take the reader on a journey of growth, one that will hopefully disarm the “disgust-reflex” that…

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Additional resources from the author of this post

Here are some additional resources for further reading from Fay Brown, the author of the linked post.

Some great reading on the subject:

Beyond the dark fields, S. van den Heuvel-Collins

Stolen kisses Broken child, A. Wallace

Understanding and addressing adult attraction to children, S. Goode

How I Became a Person, F. Brown

Websites to visit:

Studies, research, articles and statistics referring to minor attraction and Autopaedophilia:


Patrick, S. and Marsh, R. 2009. Recidivism among child sexual abusers: initial results of a 13-year longitudinal random sample. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse 18(2) 123-36


Wow this was an excellent topic - one that I could really heavily relate to. Although I am not a MAP - I have some severe childhood PTSD and I began fighting porn addiction at a young age which eventually led to an ‘obsessive/sexual intrusive thoughts’ mindset. I still deal with this, and use fantasy as means for coping with multiple things.

This organization is very important and I am grateful for the work everyone puts into this.
Blessings all around.