Sex brothels in Europe are booming

In other words, pornography has always been a gray area in Spain. It is not a business that can be seen in the sun, but it has never been banned, so the secret and well known sex shops in Barcelona, Spain, have long been thriving.

In march of this year, a brothel opened in the heart of Barcelona. This brothel, the business is very hot, and in the Internet also caused a very big sensation. Because this brothel is really different.

Compared with those unspeakable brothels, this brothel can be said to be very open and aboveboard, not only to open the door to the flesh business, but also to do a wave of publicity, let the police in Barcelona stare but helpless.

Because in this brothel, the guests are served by[ sex dolls.
Lumidoll was the first[ sex doll] brothel in Europe. According to the brothel’s website, the store offers four sex doll characters for guests to choose from.

These four service dolls are respectively Katy with blonde hair and plump height of 170, Leiza with sexy African female characteristics, Lily designed according to the appearance of Asian women,

In addition, there is a blue-haired anime character named Aki – the sex doll is said to be very popular with quadratic fans.

The [dolls], which vary in size, proportions and body styles, each weigh around 40kg and are made of imitation silicone that highly mimics the features of a human being, and cost an astonishing 4,300 pounds. According to SergiPrieto, the owner of the shop, visitors are usually older men or couples (don’t ask) who can spend an hour with a doll of their choice for just £68, although they also offer a night bag if needed.

As for the way to “spend” in the store, it’s pretty neat. After paying the money, the staff will take the guests, holding the dolls, to a small candlelight room where the staff lovingly prepares all kinds of small movies, TT and other facilities.

For an hour, guests enjoy alone time with thein such rooms.

According to the staff of the store, all the dolls here will be carefully sterilized inside and outside after each use, and the finished dolls will never remain any unknown substances.

It is this particular brothel, staffed 24 hours a day, that has been bustling since it opened. Sergi said in an interview that our business is so good that we are planning to open a global chain.

But despite the store’s claim to satisfy all its customers’ fantasies, its owners say they often turn down some of their most perverted requests. “We try to meet customers’ requests for doll appearance, such as changing a bikini.”
“However, some of the guests’ requests were really strange. They would ask for a rape game or something. We didn’t want to promote it at all, so we turned it down.”

“Other customers (paedophiles) want [dolls] that are too small to look like children, but we will also reject them. This would offend a number of customers, but we would never offer such an unethical service.”

After the store’s successful opening, local residents of barthay were not happy about the[ sex doll]brothel,

Many citizens felt that such a brothel in the center of the city was too bad for the image of the city, so a large number of citizens ran to the store to pressure the protest.

After much resistance, the store has moved to another part of the city and instead requires a phone reservation.

Once the momentum started, however, things couldn’t stop.

The store’s popularity since its opening has exceeded expectations.

As a result, other parts of Europe, such as Dublin, Ireland, Vienna, Austria, have opened a number of blow-up brothels.

In a similar shop in Vienna, there was originally only one [sex doll], but then more customers came looking for one than for a human sex worker. Supply and demand were so unbalanced that the owner had to bring in a second sex doll to meet customer demand.

PeterLaskaris, who runs two brothels in Vienna, says the dolls represent a new trend in the service industry. “Our brothels, of course, try to satisfy the sexual fantasies of our clients as much as possible. The existence of [sex dolls ]fills the gap and vacancy in our staff.”

Although he now plans to stock his shop with a batch of dolls imported from Japan, he says he tried it once and felt like a dead body lying next to him.

And the owner of an Irish blow-up brothel says he has received strong support from Dublin locals since opening his shop a month ago. “For a month, several people came every day. Most of the customers were Irish, of all ages.”

With the boom in sex brothels, many argue that [sex dolls] should be promoted as a way to reduce the incidence of pedophilia and rape by satisfying paedophiles or those with rape fantasies. However, such a view has also attracted strong opposition and condemnation from many people,

NoelSharkey professor at the university of Sheffield is pointed out that through the [dolls]to reduce the crime rate is absolutely impossible, “should not be allowed to import these dolls, dolls are on treating women, and many brothels, will introduce imitation children is like a doll, this rather than stimulate pedophile crime, because the inflatable doll is without resistance. They mimic the same behavior in children.”

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This seems quite fascinating. It’s nice how they have fairly reasonable standards. The only problem will be someone inevitably calling the misogyny or sexism card. What if they had a female variant with male dolls?


Actually I think might now have there are such people, and they already have the doll, but we should learn to respect them, because they are the same with us, they also have the right to love, the only difference is their favourite thing is small and not in the public eye we go like, so we should learn to accept it

I understand your point. I appreciate your compassion. We should all be able to accept this, but unfortunately not everyone is capable of that. Its easy to hate, but difficult to appreciate. What you are suggesting will take a lot of time, effort and thought, but not everyone will be willing to accept. However, it is infinitely better to take the first step and fail, rather than never do so at all. It will be a difficult road, but I dare to tread it. I’d love to help make a lasting impression, but where would we possibly begin?

i have no idea,but i just think some articles may be a little help us,can send go up,can send up some own ideas,but everyone’s opinions and ideas that is invitable,we just do yourself,if other people don’t like,then delate my content,this is something very small

Where do we start? There are many possible routes available. But the main question would be who to market to, and how.

market those people who really like it

How would you be able to interest or change the mindsets of those in opposition? Of course you can primarily focus on those who would enjoy this in a civil manner, but negative/mishandled publicity could be a burden, if things are not clarified/outlined. You cannot obviously appeal to everyone, but you would want to make sure that people don’t weave false headlines, or at least define the benefits of such an establishment.

yes,i auite agree with you,yhis is what every website needs to do,i think i agree with you on this point

I do not understand. Offering a big sex doll is ethical. Offering a small doll is unethical?

Both of these dolls are objects. There is no significant difference between the two to justify applying a separate rule of ethical concern to them.

It would be best to say, “We only want to focus on adult-like dolls out of preference.” - It is okay to have a preference or opinion, but we should not be so quick to require the consideration of ethicality or morality as a justification for not doing something in privacy with an object. These are things that are reserved specifically for relations between living beings, not objects.

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