Sex workers are mothers, too

Originally published at: Sex workers are mothers, too - Prostasia Foundation

I am sharing a glass of wine with my child’s best friend’s mother while our children play princesses. “So how did you get interested in writing about, uh, sex work?” The mother asks me. A beat. I navigate these conversations so often, I know that she’s really asking me to confirm or deny the rumors,…


I fucking hate the idea of firing someone because they engaged in sex work or because they had an only fans account. Sex workers shouldn’t be stigmatized.


Oh. My. God. For once we agree on something. How a woman or man earns there money, whether digging ditches, working in a sweatshop, sitting in an office trying to guess the stock market, teaching school, being a police officer, firefighter, paramedic, nurse, doctor or an exotic dancer, phone sex operator, stripper or “escort” shouldn’t matter as long as they do the job they are paid for, don’t hurt anyone (except, of course, the dominatrix), don’t cheat or steal. A prostitute should be considered as any other professional worker, value given for the money paid.


Yes they are!! I know a couple who do online sex work and are amazing mothers!!

Some of my best friends are sex workers who are also mothers.

And good mothers, at that. Better than what I had growing up, that’s for damn sure. People are so quick to demonize them or attempt to take their children from them because they feel as though their occupation may come to harm them, which isn’t true.