Sexpo demands legalizing realistic fictional material

There is currently a draft law in the making that is overhauling the sexual offense legislation. Currently dolls and clearly fictional media is completely legal. Realistic media is only legal when deemed artistic or of informational value. Since this is like playing russian roulette Sexpo demanded in this overhaul an update on realistic images. Sexpo is Finlands biggest organization when it comes to sexuality since 1969

The delimitation and rationale for the proposal should be clearly linked to images that actually depict the child (eg videos, photographs and drawings of the model) that have been sexually abused. Completely fictitious images and other materials should be completely excluded from punishment, as they have not been exploited and no harm has been done to the child.

Prohibiting fictitious images and other materials is moralistic legislation that is weakly justified on the basis of the protection of legal interests. The ban on fiction is also weakly justified on the basis of the coherence of the law, as other fictions widely portray brutal violence, torture and a wide range of content that is shocking and dangerous to public morality and feelings.

In a free society, the imagination should also be free on topics that may upset many. It is justified to restrict the dissemination of annoying content, for example on the basis of adulthood, but the theory of criminalization does not support a general ban on fictitious material simply because it contains some harassing and shocking content.


Why European nations want to give in to this is beyond me.

By “this” I mean censorship.

Perhaps I’m blind (or maybe it’s a Google Translate problem) but I don’t see the sections you’ve quoted on that page you linked