Sexual Attraction and Falling in Love in Persons with Pedohebephilia Paper
There is little reason for 99% of individuals to answer such a survey and all the reason to believe it may be used against you or the group.

The wording of our question about falling in love also meant that we could not examine whether sexual and romantic attraction occur together for the same child. For example, some-one could have reported sexual attraction to prepubescent children exclusively but could have endorsed having fallen in love with a young adolescent given the framing of the questions.

Yes, that is possible. I don’t think romantic and sexual are on the same axis.

Without specifying which sites they examined, it is hard to tell how typical the results are. Some avoid overly pro-contact boards because they feel sketchy even if legal. Some avoid places like Virped because they perceive it to be filled with a self-loathing atmosphere which makes them uncomfortable.

If falling in love is the major factor, you will need either a doll / bot (they can get surprisingly attached to them), or an android.

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