Sexual Compersion

Has anybody else here ever felt a strong wave of euphoria and arousal whenever seeing someone else happy or even by the thought of making someone else happy? I know it’s a bit of a weird question but I noticed it as something I developed in my late twenties. I suspect it may be a way of my brain trying to cope with the sexual frustration of being a celibate MAP. But it’s like whenever I’m buying a niece a birthday present I feel a strong pleasurable arousal just thinking about how happy she will be with it. During Christmas I shop for toys that I give to a donation. It gives me a pleasurable high knowing I’m doing something that is going to make someone else happy. I don’t know if it’s wrong or not since it is kind of sexual but it’s not like anyone else will know about it. Any time I say something, give something or do something that leads to someone else feeling happy and confident I feel arousal because of it. I guess it’s like the true opposite of sadism.


No, i never have, i’m a sadist.


Nope; I’m a sadist without emotional empathy.

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