Sexually exploited boys: Why they don't disclose

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The sexual exploitation of children has received significant attention over recent years with much being written about the reasons sexually exploited children don’t disclose. Many victims care for their perpetrator(s), while some mistrust statutory services such as the police. Others don’t recognize the abuse, and some children are fearful of consequences, not being believed and…

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Obsessiveness over false or faulty ideals is a surefire way to a path of suffering, especially when trying to conceal excruciating objectionable behavior. Someone, some group, or society at large needs to stand up for men’s rights, rather than benefit from the shortcomings of rigid, traditional gender roles and expectations.

Where is the part about how men and boys don’t know that they can be sexually abused because it is “violence against women and girls” of “gender base violence”? This articles totally ignores that men and boy are often mocked for being victims, particulary if the abuser is a woman. There is little support and awareness about male sexual abuse. And from where those “harmful beliefs come” ? How about talking about how society, relatives and teachers force boys into this archetype by shaming them and attacking them when boys show vulnerability ? This article feel like putting boys as the source of their silence. Could you imagine an article about body image issue without talking about society’s pressure on women body ? I think that instead of “harmful beliefs about masculinity” we should talk about “harmful pressure put on men and boys by society to be indestructible, able to defend themselves, to not have emotions, to solve theirs problems themselves without bothering others because if they do they are trash”. It is not men and boys who should abandon “beliefs” but society who should make men and boys feel safe to be vulnerable, to raise awareness about male abuse, to offer tailored support to them and make men and boys feel valued and loved without having to meet unattainable standards.


Well said, but unfortunately, many boys and men still uphold this unethical sense of “manliness”, even if they don’t entirely understand what they are doing. It only hurts our society even more than initially thought.