Shameless plug for my blog

Hello. I’ve been in various MAP and MAP-adjacent spaces since 2019. I’m new to this forum, though. The few posts I’ve browsed so far have been good to see. I’m glad to see an organization like Prostasia Foundation working to protect children without fear-mongering or prejudice.

Anyway, here’s a shameless plug for my blog:

I don’t post there on any set schedule, just when I feel like I’ve got something good for it. My latest post there, and the only slightly funny one, is ‘Satirical Dangers of Teleiophilia.’


I’ve looked through your articles in the past but always good to see them again. People here might be particularly interested in the “Inconsistently Applied Principle” one since it has some focus on abuse prevention as well as intersectionality.


Oh yeah. Before I became active in the MAP community, I had long been active in other kinds of social justice communities. My post ‘An Inconsistently Applied Principle’ is strongly influenced by this background :slight_smile:


Just want to step in to remind the forum that @prostasia is Anti-Contact in principle and ideology.

I only say this because I see NewGon referenced on your page, and I have very, very VERY strong convictions against the biases of some of the contributors on that website.


Thanks for speaking up, Chie. I had put the NewGon link there as an informational source, not intending to open the door to pro-c or neutral-c ideology. But after reviewing some more of their site and reconsidering it, I have removed the link from the homepage of my blog.