Shock and horror over prostasia's existence

I see the high strung member of the Q is back…


One question for you.



I don’t think she’s going to come back. Looks like she isn’t used to talking to people who don’t agree with her, especially if they use this strange language of “arguments”.

But I bet her answer would be:
“Because is wrong and disturbing” Which would mean she doesn’t know.

or perhaps
“Because it normalizes pedophilia” Which would mean she doesn’t understand how “normalization” works, that ironically… also means she doesn’t know XD


I hope she does, I’d like to hear her explain her reasoning in a way that’s not self-centred or uninformed. That won’t happen but I’d still like to see her try.


Gee, that’s too bad. [sarc] I will miss her. [major sarc]


They made death threats in another thread, so I also doubt they’ll be back.

I mean, it wasn’t hidden.


I think that they are LARPing Hunters.

That’s why she won’t, because she doesn’t have an explanation for that. She knows she’s wrong, she just doesn’t want to accept it.

Normalization? It’s a doll… An inanimate piece of plastic or rubber.
It’s not a person, nor does it represent or embody the idea of any particular individual identity. It embodies an idea, an interest that you happen to take offense to. Nothing more, nothing less.

These dolls, and fictional pornography in general, have no link with actual abuse. I’ve posted about this before to great degree.


I’m dead! Lol :joy::joy:. She really thought that she found something super secret?


Like I said, I feel like these people are just LARPing night stalkers, spirit slayers, and witch finders.


They always do, they like to roleplay that they’re “pedo-hunters” investigating, tracking down and exposing secret elite pedophile rings. As we know however they often struggle to separate fantasy from reality.


It’s no coincidence that the majority of self-proclaimed “pedo hunters” are the same demographic that were all claiming to be “ghost hunters” a few years ago. There seems to be a certain mentality of people who like to pretend they’re hunting something that they think can’t fight back, doesn’t know it’s being hunted, and might not even exist (at least as they imagine it).

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I guess prostasia really is shocking and horrifying.

It just took one look at our forum, for “her” to bust out a few slurs, multiple treats of homicide, and of course many many all caps sentences filled with profanity. I think she literally called us “sick people” and “animals”


it begins to become almost parody at this point. I hope I’m not the only one cataloging their reactions and overall neurotic behavior as to hold it against and discredit them and people like them. It shouldn’t have to come to that, but it helps show how irrational they are and I can easily point to this and say “do we seriously want neuroticism like this guiding public policy?”


This means I’ve been practicing my masonic handshake for nothing!?


Hi! I’m 26 but when I was 18-19, I was 4’9" and 95 lbs with big A cups breasts.

No one believed I was an adult. Most thought I was 12 or 13.

Now I’m 4’10", 110 lbs, and have D cups (natural).

NCOSE even retweeted a tweet I posted about a site that had to verify me a 3rd time with their updated verification process and make sure I was 18 or older cause I look young.
NCOSE claimed that I was underaged and was able to post CSEM on this site.

I had to post my driver’s license to prove I was in fact 26 and they are lying.

I was met with such harassment from minors and adults saying I’m a disgusting person who is terribly groomed and I’m exploiting myself just to be a piece of trash. Some even asked if I was safe and I could escape my trafficker/rapist!! Then when they found out I was an adult, they called me a pedo enabler for posing as a minor.

Wtf?? I’m not groomed, I’m not a piece of trash, I’m 100% safe and I don’t have a trafficker or is being raped. I also did not pose as a minor and clearly stated I was 26 yrs old in my profile.

Then some people threatened legal action after I proved that NCOSE was lying.



I’m 4’10" right now but I’m 110lbs and have D cups breasts (natural). I kinda have a “baby face” but other than that, I have been mistaken as a minor (under 18 yrs old) or someone under 21.

I’m actually 26 yrs old and I was 4’9" and 95 lbs with big A cups in my senior year of high school (17-18 yrs old) throughout my first year of college (18-19 yrs old). Then I gained a ton of weight and got big boobs and my waist/hips formed but that’s it. Luckily I lost the weight but need to lose more now lol

Anyways, she is completely ignorant and blind to what is in front of her when she sees a variety of people in a damn grocery store or a Walmart cause lots of them could be adults that look underaged.

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NCOSE are just moralistic pearl clutchers who hate the fact that:

  1. Pornography exists
  2. Men find naked women arousing

I remember one of the people there made a scene on a plane and accused someone of watching CP just because he was watching Asian porn.

Granted watching porn around other people is inconsiderate…

Plus they were happy about Steam doing something about “porn games” because they complained about it.

I believe they’re anti-masturbation as well, but I need to look into that one.

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