Shock and horror over prostasia's existence

So there was this thread I saw a while back about “”“exposing prostasia”"" on “mumsnet”

I recently returned and was amused by some of their reactions. It’s funny to see people react when they relise there is an alternative to the pedo genocide, its as if there world was turned upside down, and so are left in horror, disgust and confusion.
(A few examples)






I’m glad that we have this kind of power, unfortunately though, it’s not a more useful type.


Thank you for that :yum: I’ll love to have a nice talk with those people.

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I made an account so I could ask them some questions, the despair was funny but there was stuff that was mind numing in stupidity.

I don’t know what else you expect from that place. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know why people always end up choosing to be trolled instead of having a nice civilized discussion. Must be related to some kind of misleading feeling of power over their own server.



Parents have a right to be concerned, but their criticisms of Prostasia and its positions on fiction, adult sexual expression, and its commitment to exploring and capitalizing on the preventative aspects of sexual expression, are simply unfounded.


Maybe, but their “concerns” are on the same level of newt transmutation.

We’ve discovered your forum. We’ve become aware of what’s going on here.

I will warn you, we intend to criminalize any doll that looks too similar to a child. We will NEVER accept the normalization of this repulsive invention.

“Mumsnet”? Just what the UK needs, another special interest group run by a squawking group of Karens…They have a long history of moral panic, if anybody remembers the “Video Nasty” days by Mary Whitehouse and the government. She was so bad, even Pink Floyd wrote a song about her. A lot of people went to prison. Same shit, different day. This forum is about consenting adults, protecting children, and prosecuting sexual offenses. This whole argument about dolls is their problem, not ours. We in the united states have the constitution to protect us against the government who wants nothing more than to prosecute thought crimes.


No one is trying to “normalize” sex dolls. They are pointing out that there is no harm to children in an adult playing with a large doll. A sex toy. Please go away, we don’t need your small minded bigotry here.


Your description is too ambiguous. You’ll have to be more specific because people who are 18 look underage on the internet all the time. Little Lupe appeared underage but she was 19 at the time. 10 years ago, a man was arrested by the us federal government that his videos of her were underage. But then she made a personal appearance in court and he was let go. There was no apology, no settlement, they just crawled away with their tails between their legs and the news buried it. Guilty until proven innocent.

The line of people who bastardize the word “Normalization” on here goes around the corner and down the street. They’ve been trying to prove that violent video games, heavy metal music, and pornography causes murder, rape, and violent crime. Dolls are just more of the same: Entertainment. I’m 40 and have been playing violent games and listening to slayer for as long as I can remember and have never seen the inside of a prison cell.

So, try to ban all the pieces of plastic that you want. It’s a waste of time, you’re not doing anybody any favors and you aren’t making the world a safer place. Sane people know the difference between fantasy and reality.


There is no such thing as “18 year old who looks underaged”. There are 18 year olds who have softer features, there are even 30 year olds which can be confused with minors in appearance, but they are not people who “look underaged”. All 30 year olds look like adults. All 18 year olds look like adults.

A doll that looks prebubescent would be something that is obviously child like. There is no such thing as an adult who looks prebubescent. So we can safely ban all dolls that look prebubescent without stigmatizing adults with softer features.

Did you guys really miss me that much there that you came here looking for me? :heart_eyes: Maybe this time you’ll choose to discuss instead of trooling.

I think reasoning with you is a waste of time. You are wrong and an idiot.

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Again with the vagueness. Softer features? No such thing as an adult who looks prepubescent? Lupe had a flat chest, the face of a child, no waist, and stood about 4’9’’. That’s why she was so popular, and there’s nothing wrong with it because she was an adult.

I’m confused about something: There are 30 year old females who can be confused as a minor but still look like adults? Well…Which is it?

Also, dolls don’t have ages because they’re not real. You can’t put them on a number line. But according to you, “All 18 year olds look like adults.” By the same logic, I could say any doll that I own looks like an adult, except for the fact that it isn’t because again, it isn’t real.



Well. That’s the difference between us darling, we will fight to decriminalise or to prevent the criminalization of dolls WHILE we don’t have evidence that dolls are harmful in some way. But we will stop fighting for it, if we eventually found that we are wrong about it. While you, just admit here something we already knew, that you’ll try “ban it” no matter what. You keep trying to find EXCUSES to criminalize it using emotional propaganda, but the truth is, you want it banned because you don’t like it. That’s the only reason, in fact, I doubt that the safety of children has anything to do with your reasons.

Also here you can’t delete this :scream:


“I will warn you”
Truly terrifying.

“We will NEVER accept the normalization of this repulsive invention.”
I don’t really care, its about making it legal you can hate whatever you want.


Tiny Tears? You realisethat thousands of preteen girls will be immensely upset by that?


Yes, but actually no:

Second link is definitely NSFW, but I find that I can send a stronger message by link straight up 18+ stuff:

I aim to send as strong messages as possible, in order to repulse and horrify the stupid peasants who would burn witches. If they are afraid of something so superficial, then they don’t deserve to sleep well at night.