So, what? Prison, pedophiles & getting personal

My latest article follows up on two previous essays and my book about being incarcerated with an offending pedophile, learning about the difference between pedophilia and CSA and the harsh backlash from these pieces

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It isn’t entirely clear a trauma can’t create someone who resembles a pedophile in some limited ways, or a brain injury. These cases would certainly be in the vast minority of pedophiles.

They’re over-representd in clinical settings. The more psychological problems you have, the more likely you are to decide you need “help”, and they could conceivably find these settings more discomforting.


Indeed, thank you for your comment. I do agree there are fairly clear case studies (about three I can think of) about adults experiencing brain injuries and then developing an attraction to minors afterwards. However, as you said these are an extreme minority of the overall MAP population, and I referenced an article about early external sexual trauma not being a cause (there are some correlations but not enough to statistically aver a causative role qua trauma of any sort).
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The number of case studies is up to a couple dozen (there is a thread on here on this very subject). There appears to be a correlation with damage to the temporal lobe, although there were a couple of cases which did not involve the temporal lobe.

The temporal lobe is part of the limbic system, but it is also connected to impulse control, and hypersexuality which makes it difficult to figure out if someone weren’t already a pedophile.

There is no correlation between it and developmental pedophilia, as the researchers acknowledged, and they hypothesized a different mechanism for it.


Fascinating, I had not discovered the other cases. I’d only read three case studies, and that was due to limited time.

Yes, developmental—or endogenous—pedophilia acts and looks like a sexual orientation. That doesn’t make it—or sexual orientation for that matter—any easier to locate.

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Anyone on here heard of GAN in creating people that don’t exist?

In my opinion, you should need the consent of the people who the faces are trained on. AI does not operate in a vacuum, it has to look at many faces to learn how to generate a face, and this would likely put it under the provisions of Section 2252.

It would be illegal either way, even if it were somehow trained off adult faces and modified (I dont think this possible), because it fails the “indistinguishable from a real minor” test. If someone were to use StyleGAN to flood the internet with fake imagery and drive CP producers out of business, I can’t say I would care, even if it were trained off real people, although I would avoid that legal hazard.

Driving CP producers out of business would be very difficult. In an article in RT, a Dutch man paid as little as $25 to $50 to order someone to perform acts on camera live. Unfortunately, people in third world countries are very poor and very desperate.

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