Some good news on the United Nations Cybercrime treaty

Japan is vice president on the council here so this is very good news to hear, the Prime minister coming out against it and the foreign minister speaking their piece on it and another even calling to drop out of it.

Fun fact, the current japanese prime minister when he was foreign minister himself defended anime school girls from reports by the UN about it being exploitation.


Still not a fan of Kishida, considering he requested the removal of a German replica of the South Korean Statue of Peace - Wikipedia. Guy can stand-up for lolis, but not the real life victims of Japan’s brutal “comfort” system (one of the single largest sex trafficking rings in human history, with 50,000–200,000 women and girls enslaved and brutally/repeatedly beaten, tortured and gangraped; sometimes massacred or even cannibalized by Japanese soldiers)? Many former “comfort women” are still alive (because they were children at the time of being sexually enslaved by the Japanese military)! These women are survivors of Japan’s bloody history of colonial greed and racist hate. And people like Kishida (and Abe before him) claim these sex slaves were all “willing prostitutes”. This historical negationist garbage makes Kishida’s pro-loli arguments ring especially hollow…

Do these Chinese and Malayan women and CHILDREN look like “willing prostitutes” to you? The one kid front and center looking right at the camera is disgustingly haunting, considering what’s about to happen…