Sony VP fired after appearing in pedophile sting video

So, Sony’s stance since 2018(?) is that Japanese games are child pornography, and anyone who plays them is a pedophile or potential child molester, so they need to be heavily censored…

…and their VP - who was in charge of the PSN from what I’ve read - does this.

A senior Sony vice president has been terminated from the electronics and entertainment giant after being caught up in an amateur pedophilia sting video.

George Cacioppo was allegedly trying to arrange a meeting with a 15-year-old boy, according to a video posted by the YouTube channel People v. Preds. Cacioppo had been a senior vice president of engineering for Sony for the past eight years and worked on the PlayStation Store, according to his LinkedIn profile. He has since been fired after appearing in the video.


Where did they say that? Odd stance to have given how people said the same 10 years ago about violent games.

They started towing a really hard line against Japanese games a few years ago, rejecting lewd stuff and censoring things saying it needed to be #MeToo compliant.

It’s also why a lot of Japanese stuff is now on Nintendo Switch.


Also we have almost 2022 and the media still uses pedophile for offenders who probably weren’t even a pedophile.

Germany is years ahead on this. A lot of people seem to be more aware here. I never saw the word used for offenders in articles.

Nintendo has balls. It’s currently a disgusting trend that banks and payment companies (PayPal) force companies into banning porn, because they are led by prude old men.

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Justice. [insert extra words here]

Didn’t something extremely similar happen with that ‘envoy’ for the UN who were in favor of classifying material that was not child pornography/CSAM as child pornography/CSAM??

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Peter Newell? Yeah. He’s in jail iirc.

Those who scream the loudest have the most skeletons in their closet.


Not in this case, sadly:

The decoy was supposedly 15. This has absolutely nothing to do with pedophilia!

Translations of the titles?

Wouldn’t even be illegal in Germany under certain circumstances and from what you hear in the night scene it’s not uncommon for 20 somethings to engage with 16, so if they hate pedophiles then they’re making “pedophilia” seem less bad instead - Fail.

Also, these are some pretty small no-name sites. Spiegel, Welt, Zeit etc. are more serious and comparable.

Here are the translations:

Playstation: Employee fired after Pedophilia-Allegations

Sony-Vice President fired due to Pedophilia

Senior Vice President at Sony gets caught in a Pedophile-Trap

And so on

Yes, they basically did a 1:1 translation of the English news titles. You can always tell when some journalist runs English articles through Google Translate and calls it a day, because those articles always refer to pedophilia as if it was a crime against teenagers.

Some of them are pretty big names in the Gaming scene. As for the serious media… well, they are not always much better:

(title says “Thousands of pedophiles in the French catholic church”. The article itself is about CSA cases in the church and has nothing to do with pedophilia).

Really depends on the author I guess. I saw “pedocriminal” (pedokriminälle) more often than pedophile.

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