Standardized Forum Rule Suggestions

If Prostasia is to be respected like the charity it is, then I believe it ought to operate its forum in such a way, too.

Could there be a profanity filter? Wherein if certain words are seen in a post, it refuses to let you submit?

I see most of the Forum dedicated to serious discussion about serious topics, and seeing QAnon detractors attempt to invade the site, spitting out profanities and other unpleasantries feels like the Forum could use some preemptive etiquette enforcement.

Could there also be a “random” section for casual discussion as well where the filters are more lenient or perhaps disabled?

These are just ideas I had.


We could use some help with this. If you are a longstanding member of this forum with a trust level > 3 (check here), please be in touch if you would like to volunteer to help to moderate the forum.

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The Scunthrope problem comes to mind.

We are aware of what this forum is about. And we are unimpressed.
“Serious discussion” = you want us to agree with you
Pedophilia is harmful and evil to the core. It must not be condoned.

If you want to participate here, I suggest you go away and learn the meaning of the terms that you are using first. Learning the difference between pedophilia and child sexual abuse would be a good start. Nobody here supports or condones child sexual abuse… except, perhaps, for our new friends from QAnon, because their obsession with pedophilia is a smokescreen that prevents us from giving attention to the 75% of child sexual abuse that is perpetrated by people who don’t have that condition. Here is a good, easy primer on these issues from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.