Statutes of Limitations

Many things, for better or for worse, have laws to limit how long something can be pursued for. From what I’ve heard, crimes against children are a big exception with no limitations (unless, you have a source pointing to the contrary?), and not a particularly surprising one.

Some people believe it also applies to illegal images of children, which would be an obvious over-reach, even if it were for distribution as these sorts of laws are usually intended for more direct acts like molestation / rape, which are far more serious and dangerous.

These sorts of laws don’t help. If someone can never move past their problems, they will be paranoid forever about the police showing up one day, and no matter what therapy or support they do or don’t get, that will always bother them. It may even lead to a relapse as someone could decide they’re doomed either way.

This may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.


I believe statutes of limitiations for sex crimes against children are a thing in most European countries, but they are quite long. (Like, 20 years plus.)

The UK being an obvious exception to this because they don’t believe in SOL for any crime.


I looked up a few examples.

France - 20 years.
Germany - 20 years, but doesn’t start until the victim turns 30, giving them until the age of 50 to report abuse.

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You are going to have to look at your state. Also Federal have their own separate statues and possibly even different case law. I can look it up for people if there is enough interest in the subject of SOLs.

Anyhow, significant extension of status of limitations for sex offenses is usually limited to contact offenses. And honestly I’m glad the limitations is radically extended. I despise contact offenders and want nothing more than to see them suffer. They are subhuman monsters and nothing more. Child rapists CANNOT be rehabilitated, they are demons in human form. Why we haven’t made it a death penalty offense yet is honestly beyond me.

As for CSAM possession, I do not believe most states have extended their SOL in the same way they have for child rapists. Likely because it’s not seen as comparable to rape. In the same way assault, battery, or even having a loaded gun pointed at you is not comparable to premeditated murder. You said something about rehabilitated CSAM possession offenders being paranoid and carrying a higher risk of relapsing out of the fear of a lack of SOL? I don’t know if undetected offenders think about the SOL much. Do they though?

My perspective on SOLs is I generally support them, even for crimes like robbery, aggravated fraud and burglary. But rape of a child and premeditated murder, the SOL should either be extremely long like over 70 years or non existent. SOLs exist because collaborating evidence deteriorates. It’s to prevent innocent people from being harassed or even convicted. It allows the innocent some peace of mind that something from long time ago won’t come up and ensnare them into something they have little evidence to defend against.

But if the SOL does encourage certain undetected felons to “get clean” and change their ways, perhaps that could be another side benefit of an SOL.

Doing away with the status of limitations seems like a brandade fix. The limitations exists because evidence decays. If we addressed the issues that prevent victims from coming forward, child rapists everywhere would be dragged out into the streets and they themselves will be rightfully subjected to what the put victims through before being tortured to death.

I know the headmaster of this organization posted some pretty comical stuff about how even child rapists don’t deserve to be raped. But I will be making a thread later tonight arguing my case for giving these child predators a taste of their own medicine.

As for the illegal images ownership crime issue, most states have an limitations for that so as to increase incentive for these sickos to get help. But the justification for limitations for rape should not be the same as illegal images. It’s been shown time and time again child rapists cannot be reformed. They must be killed. limitations for rape can only be justified under the concept that evidence, even DNA evidence decays over time. If we are going to sentence someone to be raped and tortured to death, we need 100% proof.

If you want to stick around on this forum, you will need to drop the rape fantasies and slurs—that isn’t the way things are done around here. Keep those for your QAnon forum. This is your one warning.


Imagine having a rule that you cannot advocate for justice against pedophiles who rape. WTF

Rape is not justice.


Justice according to the rule of law, yes. Masturbatory fantasies about torture and rape, no.

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Relevant to the current flow of conversation…

Man accused of being paedophile and murdered for photographing garden vandals


Rape isn’t justice. It’s sadistic, cruel, and completely defeats the purpose of justice. Your desire to see actual people harmed is very concerning.
It’s cool that you have fantasies, but we all agree that keeping those fantasies safely within the realm of fiction is the goal. It’s not anyone’s job to control the thoughts or desires of others, so long as you are aware and capable of controlling your actions.

But the sadistic and unjustified torture of criminals, be they murderers or child sexual abusers, as punishment for their crimes is simply inappropriate, and goes against our modern-day understandings and practices of humanitarianism.
The fact that you people feel so strongly about this almost feels like you’re projecting, but that’s just me. You guys seem more like dangers to society than any potential child abuser.