Stigma doesn't prevent abuse

I recently wrote a blog post about the impacts of stigma on CSA prevention efforts. It wasn’t tied to Prostasia, but since it’s a question we see a lot especially from critics, I figured it was worth sharing here.


Stigma surrounding pedophiles / MAPs, really is the most difficult thing for me to deal with, and being a nepiophile, I know that I am considered by society to be the absolute worst of all.
Hatred and shunning has never been an effective deterrent for any form of unwanted behaviors and mankind has proved this over and over again since the dawn of recorded history.
Only through compassion and understanding of the diverse human sexualities will we see those that really need to “get help”, seek it out.
I am not a student of psychology or sociology, and never even had the chance to attend college. I guess I was just blessed with a good helping of common sense and justice.