Stigma makes it more difficult to fight CSA

Originally published at: Stigma makes it more difficult to fight CSA - Prostasia Foundation

When Prostasia Foundation first published my interview with researcher Allyn Walker about their book A Long, Dark Shadow: Minor-Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity, we never expected such a fierce backlash to ensue. Although some criticism of Dr Walker’s research was motivated by overt bigotry, there was also real concern over their views that…


Wow, this is one of the best articles I’ve read from you guys, just amazing! Congratulations!:clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:


I think this part could use some revision or an addendum, since pedophilia and pedophilic disorder are not the same thing.
I get that it’s a verbatim quote from another person, but still. Details like this can make up significant pieces of the larger picture.

In the DSM-5’s own article describing “Pedophilic Disorder”, it differentiates between a pedophilic “sexual orientation”, which was, in later iterations, revised to “sexual interest” from Pedophilic Disorder, as someone with pedophilia may lack feelings of shame or guilt, having not acted on their pedophilic urges or having a degree of control over them, in addition to not being functionally limited by their pedophilic sexual impulses.


I feel like that was done deliberately as another act of “damage control”, because people would be triggered by science. It’s funny how an article on stigma feeds the stigma it criticises.

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I think it’s a bit exaggerated to say that the article itself is “feeding the stigma”, but ok…

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Yeah, I agree with @PedroHPF.

Literally just a quote that I thought could use an addendum of some kind or another.

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