Stigma’s consequences part 1: fear’s connection to abuse

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If you’re a minority, the headlines have been devastating over the last few years. Trans rights are under attack, your right to read controversial books at your local library is now every Karen’s business, and if you’re not white, your right to exist in the United States is a political nightmare. It’s safe to say…


Where are you getting this from? The closest this article comes to talking about white people is saying that non-white people face threats to their right to exist. It never says that members of other marginalized groups who happen to be white don’t experience the same


I have to agree. Lately I get that same feeling. Of course, the fact that my father had to change from being Jewish to Christian to avoid rampart anti-Semitism in the 40’s, makes me wonder where all that white privilege is?


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Seems we need a “banned words” list?