Suggestion: Boycott Nestle Products

I’m boycotting all Nestlé products due to them knowingly doing business and DEFENDING THEIR RIGHT TO DO BUSINESS with companies that exploit children for slave labor.

I urge you all to consider doing the same.
Nestlé is a large company that owns quite a large chunk of the average person’s fridge and pantry, so boycotting won’t be easy.

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Surprisingly, I don’t use any Nestle products save for Stouffers every once in awhile but I can easily let go of that.

Pretty much every company is evil but Nestle is among the great evils.

Likewise, these companies have monopolies so large that the vast majority of people cannot function without them. That’s why capitalism is so successful.

Child slave labor? Do you have details on this?

I don’t really like sweat shops. But, too many of these brands have dirty hands, it’s really hard to know you’re not walking out of a more notable sweat shop into a more obscure one (brand labels are less likely to use child labor than generics because people usually protest and it gets their attention or that’s how it works for clothing brands).

I’ll avoid them where I can.

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Yeah. It’s been in the news for awhile.

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People have been boycotting Nestlé since 1977. (Nestlé boycott - Wikipedia)

I see no signs of them buckling.

Think legislation.

That’s called terrorism.


And this is why 15 year olds aren’t allowed in government.

A 34-year-old who still feels the need to use lowbrow insults, apparently. And don’t worry. I don’t think that this is because your politics. I’ve had far-lefties repeatedly call me a “dumb fuck” at the end of each of their sentences. Imbeciles exist on both sides of the aisle clearly.