Suspicious Polygraphs

I was reading a few things in the media and there were allegedly some studies claiming that all pedophiles have already offended or something to that effect. The usual smear spiel.

I also thought about the methodology. They strap you in under polygraph under intense sessions. Asides from the most desperate being the most likely to be caught rather than being careful about their activities, I have heard from someone before that they have been questioned and polygraphed.

They will supposedly push you really hard to confess to something. They may even claim that the machine told them that they’re lying and what-not and they’ll press and press for the “real truth”. Usually, they will want you to confess that you’ve molested someone.

Disgusting, the US has an unhealthy obsession with convicting innocent people but didn’t know what about that

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What good is a falsified or forced confession? It doesn’t reveal a means to find other potential offenders, and it might just end up criminalizing innocents.

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