Switzerland: Pedophile Therapy Already Thought Policing

To my surprise the swiss national TV broadcasted a documentary about pedophiles. However, there are some disturbing things being said. You first need to know that the therapy program offered in Switzerland is the same prevention network in Germany called “Kein Täter Werden”, so what I am about to say is most likely true for the German facilities as well.

They mention that they also try to control their actions within their fantasies. So, basically a guide on how to control your fantasies in such a manner that it does not turn out to be sexual. It’s honestly scary how thought policing is pretty much a thing already.

Some guy mentioned he writes fictional stories for himself in a diary he keeps. That would be illegal here.


The problem is wanting a “cure” to begin with.


They have to sell a “cure” else they wont get an penny of investment. It worres me that the narrative always conviniently leaves out love as a reason for offending. They dont want to remove the stigma and humanise, they only want to medicate and brainwash us. I’ve read some bad stuff about the therapy of “Kein Täter werden”, so i dont think it will change for the better very soon.

I just hope that my country (Switzerland) allows me to make my paintings that i want to do in the future.


Despite popular belief, Manga and other forms of art that depict what you might wanna paint are not allowed in Switzerland. Melonpan is just rich and able to avoid lawmakers.

Here’s one example from this year of a man being charged over possession of Manga in Switzerland:

(It’s the top article, but behind a paywall now lmao)

I definetly saw more in Switzerland.

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Art s my calling and I wont let it stop me. I will not pant erotica or porn though (I’m not that stupid).

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It’s sad that even paintings or stories that you produce, without the intent to show them to anyone else, is a crime. You write a combination of words into a private book and become a criminal.


What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.

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You should be free to create whatever you please.

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