Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, ALLOWS for capital punishment for rape of a child

What does this tell you?

Perhaps it’s application is not as barbaric as it seems. Capital punishments can be done humanely. It’s pretty normal across the world.

My objection to capital punishment is a principled one, on top of the inevitably of innocents being executed, I simply don’t believe that ought to be the states role in the administering of justice.

That x,y,z country has capital punishment, therefore the concerns with it are somehow unfounded is pretty a naive non-sequitur

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… pretty normal across the world.

You mean 2% of the the rest of the world constituting 195 countries?



Thailand is also governed by an autocratic government headed by a petulant manchild who’s made it a criminal offense to say mean things about him. Bringing Thailand as a model of legislative eminence is kinda hilarious.