Ten Year Old Sex Offenders

This is likely just a drop in bucket, but it’s slightly worrying how they keep trying to push down the ages for these things.

The sex offenders register is an absolutely horrible thing to do to someone. It’s essentially social death.

Hard to find employment, sometimes forced to become homeless (while being denied access to homeless shelters) due to all affordable housing being “near a school” in some places and it probably won’t even prevent a crime to begin with as his brain was likely underdeveloped at the time (due to being only a child).

Another article although slightly higher ages.

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We live in clown world. The offenses are not even as bad as people make them out to be.

I saw this earlier. It’s quite tragic how the SOR works.

A sex offenders list is not a solution, if normal criminals find hard to integrate to society is almost impossible for a register sex offender.