The amount of people who believe this is alarming

By ‘‘this’’, I mean the popular superstition that accepting donated organs from registered sex offenders as part of an organ transplant will turn you into a pedophile.

Like… a tonne of people actually think that if you get a kidney from a registered sex offender transplanted into your body, it will turn you into a pedophile.

It’s wild.

As long as society allows itself to be ruled by superstition, no progress will ever be made.

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I’ve never heard of this before


I have… obviously, usually from middle-aged or older people.

I don’t know that this is all that popular of a superstition as I couldn’t find anything at all on the internet regarding this.


Maybe this is some kind of regional kookery. Probably be best if it stayed that way.


I don’t even know where such a belief would come from…


Stuff like this: Body Parts (film) - Wikipedia probably.

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Though just as fictional Criminal might give a more potentially believable scenario as to how someone might assimilate beliefs or characteristics of the donor.