The Home Office is preparing another attack on encryption

…all under the guise of “protecting children.”

The UK is planning a new attack on end-to-end encryption, with the Home Office set to spearhead efforts designed to discourage Facebook from further rolling out the technology to its messaging apps.

Home Secretary Priti Patel is planning to deliver a keynote speech at a child protection charity’s event focused on exposing the perceived ills of end-to-end encryption and asking for stricter regulation of the technology. At the same time a new report will say that technology companies need to do more to protect children online.

End-to-end encryption and CSA prevention are not mutually exclusive. It’s such a shame to see governments so brazenly attacking invaluable technology, seeking to weaken our security measures just to sate these fears.

I agree. Groomers on the Internet are no new thing, and certainly not a tolerable one. But this is just overkill.


I hate that facebook is part of the infrastructure because it makes it so hard to move away from it. we should use apps like Signal or Session instead for everyday conversation with our friends.