The Kentler Project: Berlin authorities internationally placed children with pedophiles for 30 years

I just found this on the youth rights subreddit and I have to say, I am truly horrified that this actually happened.

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Would be interesting to see what the data from this secret project concludes. I do not think that pedophiles, who have not offended, should stay away from children for the rest of their lifes, because that’s inhumane and confirms the general publics fear. However, the fact that this was done in secret and without anyones notice is definetly shocking.

What they found was a “network across educational institutions,” the state youth welfare office and the Berlin Senate, in which pedophilia was “accepted, supported, defended.”

I am having a hard time understanding this. Does this mean they supported and defended abuse, or just the fact that they allowed them to work with children? Honestly so confusing since the media uses the term “pedophilia” for the actual act as well.

I was born in 2000 in China so I didn’t personally experience the “sexual revolution” in the developed world during the 1960s to 1980s. But I won’t be surprised if they indeed supported and defended abuse because the society climate was largely different and some practices we now deemed as sexual abuse was accepted as legitimate at that time.

For example:

  1. Minors legally equals to children currently as per the Convention on the Rights of the Child, but at that time minors = children + adolescents.

  2. The age of consent laws at that time were a legacy from the social purity movement, which had been designed to protect the chastity of maidens, and had been largely unenforced after the sexual revolution took place. The age of consent laws revived in the 1990s after teenage pregnancy became social problems and research showed that a significant precent of babies born to minors were fathered by adults.

  3. The word “pedophilia” was not widely used (or misused), and people saw no evil in having sexual contacts with children as long as no force or threat was used and no physical harm was dealt. American feminist Camille Paglia said “I fail to see what is wrong with erotic fondling with any age” in an interview in 1995. Dutch pornographer Joop Wilhelmus published child pornography magazine Lolita and became a millionaire. And the now notorious NAMBLA was the first U.S.-based organization to be a member of the International Lesbian and Gay Association.

I think it also depends on the region. People in Germany see nothing wrong with sleeping with a 16 y/o for an example. As it is the most common AoC. You’d be in jail in other places tho. However, people, especially from the US, are calling others who even talk to 16-17 y/o pedophiles. I feel those people are also the ones to watch the “teen” category (most popular in Germany).

Then there is my mom who said she thinks even 15 is not bad. My grandpa married his wife when she was 15. It definitely has to do sth with culture that explains the differences in AoC around the world and what people deem as acceptable. This is obviously changing drastically with people now demanding to raise it up to 21. IMHO 16 as AoC is fine esp. when it is bound to the agreement of the parents. This would allow law enforcement to still stop predatory behaviour.

EDIT: Germany also distinguishes between CSAM. In the USA even images depicting 17 y/o count as CSAM. In Germany that would count as Youth Pornography and the penalty is dramatically lower than of people <14

The goal of the project wasn’t to see if pedophiles would rape the kids it was to see if raping kids was a good thing. The scientist was pro contact and he wanted the “parents” to have sex with the children.