The Love Doll Legal Defense Fund

We are taking a stand against the anti-doll legislation! Two states have already passed anti-doll laws and now the US Government is considering federal anti-doll legislation. In all cases, the lawmakers used language that is so vague, any member of our community could be at risk.

The time to act is now!

This week we are launching the Love Doll Legal Defense Fund to help the Prostasia Foundation fight against sex doll bans and prosecutions. This is the link:

Please post it, email it, tweet it, blog it, podcast it, video it, shout it from the rooftops, and donate, donate, donate.

More information about Anti-Doll Legislation

US House of Representatives Bill HR 4150
This bill states that love dolls must not resemble a “minor” but do not address the issue that law enforcement has no objective way to determine the perceived age of a device

Tennessee Anti-Doll Law (law is in effect now)

Florida Anti-Doll Law (law starts on October 1, 2019)

Kentucky Senate Bill SB 102

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It says that donations have been disabled for the fundraiser.

Some of my thoughts-

  1. Appealing to the “love doll” community is limiting. As you may realize the community is reluctant to participate in activism due to concerns of anonymity being compromised. Although you’re not asking for much the goal may not be obtainable if donors names are made public.
  2. This sort of campaign may violate Go Fund Me TOS. You may want to look into that.
  3. Doesn’t Go Fund Me take a percentage of funds raised?

I have to be honest here, and it’s important that we think in these terms- A lot of people outside of the “doll” community don’t care if certain “sex dolls” are or will be illegal, even those within the community may agree with certain types of dolls being banned. The focus has to be taken away from the “doll”.

The bottom line is legislation is passed or proposed that is not based on evidence to back the claims being made. I believe any activism bringing attention to the “doll” bans should be focused on this abuse of power instead of the product. Doing so will appeal to a wider audience and gain more support. This is a subject that has the potential to effect the entire sex toy industry which has a lot of clout. Having that industries support would be an excellent asset.

Additionally, think about what happened with the renaming of the CREEPER Act to the Justice Act. Why was the name changed to something unrelated to what the bill is about? This is a brilliant move on the part of the lawmakers; think about the Patriot Act. Educate yourself on how the legislative process works. Appointed law makers rarely read entire bills. When the CREEPER Act came across their desk they probably had to give it some though about what the bill was proposing and most likely skimmed it over. The Justice Act hits a law makers desk and they look at the title alone, and think, “Well who wouldn’t want justice in America, it’s got my vote”. This name change is classic doublespeak. Know who you’re dealing with and play the game by their rules. Consider changing the name of the fundraiser to something like “And Justice For ALL Legal Defense Fund” or something else that is more encompassing which will still get the point across.

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Donations were disabled due to PayPal’s cancellation of Prostasia’s account, which made it impossible for us to get funds through GoFundMe also. I’m going to be putting a fundraiser on Prostasia’s website instead, so thanks for your useful suggestions about how to word it.


I deleted the fund raiser.

I also deleted the social media posts that were linked to it.

actually,i think we should respect everyone’s choice
from another point of view,some people have baby it is not a bad thing
may be because of loneliness so bought this doll,not because the other ideas
any thing has its value,but we can’t do anything against the law

Are sex dolls just a memory as of late? It’s not like this would be the end of the world, but these kinds of actions say a lot about the freedom of expression, human rights and equity.

I’ll assume that Prostasia “liked” this Tweet in error: or was trying to like the post under it that counters this fear-mongering.

Prostasia was advocating conversion therapy before so it wouldn’t be the first time they made a 180 on their values when they think no one is looking.

Every map from here to Pluto has been discussing them advocating it so they kind of failed at being subtle. The conservative leaning ones are using it as evidence of progressivism being fundamentally flawed and how we need to go back to the good old days of patriarchal traditional values to get lolis legalized. I could do without another, heaven forbid, Nathan Larson (this guy is an embarassment).

Or it could be a miscommunication between one head and another, the government and Microsoft are like this. Or they liked it to raise awareness without checking the context behind it, may have thought the context was irrelevant.

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It was in error, yes. We are keeping an eye on the Abuse Stoppers campaign. Also sometimes we like a tweet as a way of bookmarking it. But we have not changed our position on sex dolls.

Also, are we advocating conversion therapy? I don’t think so.