The Motivation-Facilitation Model of Sexual Offending

Originally published at: The Motivation-Facilitation Model of Sexual Offending - Prostasia Foundation

Child sexual abuse has been a significant and relevant issue for a long time worldwide. Hence some theoretical models and scientific research have been developed regarding it. One of them is the Motivation-Facilitation Model of Sexual Offending (MFM), elaborated by Michael Seto. First of all, what is the MFM? It is a model in which…

Further research suggests that pedophilia (paraphilia) is NOT a primary risk factor, as studies on both offending populations shows that most offenders do not even have a primary pedophilic interest, if one at all, and those done on non-offending populations have begun to yield considerable statistical data that off-sets the association between sexual preference and contact offending.

The Motivation Facilitation model sure is interesting, but it’s not perfect.


Pedophilia is not a paraphilia. It doesn’t fit his own definition. Children are not objects and pedophilia is not an activity. While it is likely that someone with pedophilia will develop sexual fantasies involving children it is not nessarily so. One could become aroused simply by looking at a child without there being a “activity” attached to it.

Tbh I think the issue there is paraphilia being badly defined rather than pedophilia not being a paraphilia

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Pedophilia is a paraphilia, but not a paraphilic disorder.


Pedophilia doesn’t necessarily involve more “intense” attractions than teleiophilia, so that doesn’t seem well defined.