The only person objectivly researching MAPs

I found this interview very informative. A few points get skipped over a little. James admits he can be forgetful. He’s also researched ownership of sex dolls and how they can help some people to cope.


Cantor is far from the only one doing research on MAPs, and his views on trans people raise questions about whether he’s truly supportive of marginalized groups


Cantor’s work regarding MAPs and CSA is valid. His views on gender dysphoria and the research he conducts in that regard is less than favorable, but it doesn’t discredit the work he does in other aspects. Himself and several others (Seto, Blanchard, Tenbergen, etc.) are leading the charge in actually understanding this phenomenon.

It’s also worth noting that none of these people support the criminalization of virtual/simulated child prongraphy/fictional sexual material (FSM) or child-like sex dolls.

I think the individual work they put out stands on their merits. After all, that’s the point of science, right?