The politics of protecting children

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Child protection is something that is constantly made fun of as an excuse for censorship. Ironically, though, mainstream child protection efforts by the organizations you’ve heard of are more interested in arresting perpetrators than they are in censoring harmful content like child pornography. These organizations work closely with law enforcement who have been caught running…

While I agree with everything else in this post, I don’t think vaping makes a good analogy for things we were supposedly misinformed about when compared to the other items stated. The FDA, big tobacco, American Cancer Society, and anti-smoking lobbies have fought hard against vaping ever since it became mainstream in the mid 2010s. Despite UK research proving it to over 95% safer than smoking tobacco and having helped more people stop smoking than any other product in history, well that’s problem for programs that rely on extremely high tobacco taxes and treatment programs from pharmaceutical companies.
Yea there was an problem a few years ago with people vaping black market vitamin E oil and THC. However vape devices are not much different than owning a smoking pipe, the end user is ultimately responsible for what they shove in a pipe and smoke.