The Sexpo Foundation supports Sex Dolls as a safe outlet

I came across an interesting article:

The letter by Sexpo executive director Tommi Paalanen says:

“Both Sexpo services and international studies have shown that the risk of a sexual offense against a child can be reduced by providing a pedophile with a channel for their desires.”
“Sex dolls are one such channel.”
“A person who uses a lot of money and effort to purchase the doll has already made the decision that he wants to carry out the sexual tendency.”
“Therefore, it is important that the customs authorities or others concerned about the sex dolls actors do not hamper their availability.”

This news is from 2017, but they are still standing by this. I really admire Finland, because of their scientific and very relaxing approach. It is truly the most sex-positive European country. Sex dolls and loli/shota being legal + surveys on sex confirm this.

I am not sure if Prostasia already contacted Sexpo, but I see an ally here and it would be great to get in touch and collaborate/offer support.

Here is also an article from them stating that fantasy is not a crime:

EDIT: Updated the Sexpo link with their english page.


This is first time posting here. I am a licensed sex therapist and sex surrogate in Kawasaki, Japan government clinic with six therapists treating sex addiction, frigidity, ED/PE, and pedophilia. I don’t know if Japan got idea from Finland, but I think Finland got idea from Japan.

Anyway, the clinic that I work have a grant from government of Japan for treatment of pedophila. Goal is to maintain inactive patient as inactive, and treat active patient to try convert into inactive.

With the government grant, the clinic that I work have 15 child sex doll on premise from several maker in age range of 3 to 15, and two fulltime office lady who clean and maintain, for session with approximately 120 weekly pedophile patient. Each office have a Freud couch and futon with computer screen. Session are 90 minute combination of discussion and futon.

This clinic start in 2013 and I have worked since 2016. Government trial still is consider experimental therapy but so far have renewed every 3-years. My feeling is there are no 100% effective treatment in any field of psychology. Inactive patient mostly maintain, but convert of active patient to inactive not as high as we like. But if active patient to inactive and inactive patient to active are summed, the program is remain steady overall.


Is there a name of this study so when it’s complete I can look it up and see the results?

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I attended of University of California system, I only have bachelor degree. I just a sex therapist/surrogate, am not acedemic, so I do not know who is making a study. Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is giant bureaucracy so there must be someone. Sometime the clinic reading room get research, like recent Yumi Aoki and Takeshi Kimura paper call something like Artificial Partners in Japanese Context.

But I know the clinic send a monthly statistics to MHLW. We keep track of active and inactive patient, and if a patient transition in one direction or the other. This of course base on self-reporting.

I know this controversial, in similar way Dr. Kinsey was criticise for not intervention with knowledge of active pedophile. But if we intervene then there no way to know if active can be made inactive. Our clinic exempt from intervention rule. If we have reporting rule for example, then a father who engage in penetration sex with daughter never even come in our clinic for help. Or some time even long inactive (abstain) patient have temporary relapse. If he is caught for indecent acts or rape then of course he is caught, but if he not caught and self-report to us, we just record the fact and discuss the scenario in therapy.

Anyway, to answer you question, I feel there must be study occurring somewhere. But from the clinic we just report data to “upstairs”. Maybe report have already publish, I don’t know. I am sure if report is made it will appear in Japanese or foreign journal (if translated).

Thank you.