"The Telegraph"

As Dodd seems intent on spreading fake news, I do have to point some things out:

  • Technology has improved over the past few years making it far easier for law enforcement to find illegal content.

  • The so called explosion in “illegal content” on Twitter (and other places too) occurs said time-frame.

  • He appears to be giving a criminologist called Mike Salter an unusual amount of weight. A man who appears to be using people involved with the pizzagate conspiracy theory as a “credible source”.

  • The Telegraph like other British publications have had a long history of pushing fud to put the blame for all online crime on large tech companies, but no one ever really takes them seriously. The NYTimes is more worrisome here.

  • Like Reddit, they put an inordinate amount of focus on incidents which would occur just as easily, if everyone were to simply hide labels on their bios and which no one with such labels is really going to be doing for reputational reasons and which one could easily commit elsewhere with a lower risk of getting caught.

  • In truth, what it does is hide voices which provide a certain perspective and possibly shutter support (although, if you’re depressed, Twitter with people telling you to go kill yourself every thirty seconds and many brands of office politics is perhaps not the best place for this).

  • They herald from a country (the United Kingdom) which has very high levels of sexual abuse, systematic failings to prevent it and which takes many show measures to make it appear it as if they’re doing something.

  • This is slightly unrelated but still somewhat connected, but it also appears as if Senator McCarthy has been revived. There is an idea that if you come into contact with pedophilia or pedophilic rhetoric, then you will be tainted by it, much like getting infected by a virus.

  • Once tainted, there is no fix, but to purge you from the face of the planet or hide you away where no one can see you. All pedophiles are also “obviously” (read sarcasm) dedicated to a nebulous set of hive mind like goals to the death, much like some feared the overthrow of the government at the hands of communism.

  • Quite a few of the people who possess, receive and distribute child pornography are actually vigilantes. Their aim to entrap, spread links to report of and “arrest” people they disapprove of. It is also known for anyone who has been following the news that these sorts of organizations likely have large numbers of sex offenders or other criminals among their count.

  • Twitter likely treats cartoons, 3d models and photographic child pornography as the same thing mooting the value of their statistics. The chat platform Discord straight-up tells you their own “child sexual exploitation” statistics include cartoons, so it would not seem unlikely.

  • Twitter moderation is strangely inconsistent, sometimes they leave pedophiles alone, sometimes they hit pedophiles anyway. Ideology doesn’t seem to much matter.

It was not just the Telegraph article, this was a coordinated bit of journalism. Less than 24 hours later:

Several Twitter accounts have been suspended and several have been restricted, many of them TOS/law-abiding and not in any way promoting abuse.

By the way, sending people cp in a very misguided attempt to get them arrested is a very bad idea.

One reason which isn’t quite obvious is that it does not take that many pieces to get someone addicted which means you suddenly have a very big problem on your hands and it’s not all that certain they would be arrested either.

There are also the far more obvious reasons of entrapment being immoral and that it can and will blow up in your face.

Yes, I honestly cannot believe people are stupid enough to do that.

I say if the media wants to wage a war of disinformation, I am going to fight back:

What do they aim to accomplish? If their methods were somehow exposed, their foundation and perceived societal significance would be completely compromised. Of course, their collaborators wouldn’t sell them out because their misinformation heavily benefits them. They will only tell the masses what they want to hear, than lurk in secrecy, carrying out their true goals while reaping the benefits (I.E. Hollywood Accounting, etc).