The truth behind QAnon

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Agents of the deep state are using their control of politicians and the media to bury the truth about pedophilia and sex trafficking. QAnon conspiracy theory or fact? You may be surprised to learn that it’s a bit of both. Although the beliefs of QAnons may seem wild, there is a kernel of truth underlying…


Some of my friends are trying to brainwash me into joining the QAnon Cult. How do I deprogram them?


The consultant you link to as an example of falsely calling activity between consenting adults pedophilia not only claims without a shred of evidence that practices like DDLG are being used to “entice children,” but at the same time ignores the actual consequence of hiding such material from children, which is to make those who are already kinky — and it usually does start in childhood and not because of any “enticement” by adults — think they’re “the only one in the world” like this, putting them at great risk of low self-esteem and feelings that they’re defective, which actually puts them at much greater risk of abuse.