The Twitter Wars

There is a war going on at Twitter the past few days against childlike-sex dolls. And as you know, I hate calling them that. Because for many of us they are not sex-dolls. They are surrogate daughters for some, comfort for grief over losing a child for others. I and others have special ordered them to be NOT functional in that regard. We just love them.

Granted there are many people that use them for what they were made, but they still care more about them than just an Onahole. And possibly some people who think of them just as toys. I don’t know any.

This crusade these people are on, we doll owners as a community feel, does NOT protect chidren. It may be endangering some. We argue and everyone acknowledges there are no real studies to prove either way. I know there was one last year that concluded doll owners are happy with their dolls and have no desire to go looking to act against real children. Although quoted, and 2nd and 3rd hand quoted, were always part of hit pieces dispariging dolls and doll owners.

My new account there is mentioned along with others. Many got banned. I mention Prostastia and they reared like a hissing cobra.
" He identified himself as a member of US-based pro-pedophilia group, Prostasia Foundation: they hyperlinked their article about Prostasia.

The woman that runs this feel-good propaganda organization is I believe a survivor of some kind. She’s Australian too.
In their about page here again I see it’s all about winning people over to her jaded, sexualized view of everything.
“Since we launched in 2010, we have achieved a huge number of significant wins.”
She is absolutely going about her crusade in completely the wrong way. Vilifying innocent people. Accusing them of thought and future crimes.

Here’s the latest article I just received.


When your justification is so fragile that you have to mischaracterize a child protection org as a “pro-pedophilia group” just to make your actions seem less bad

Not to mention their use of anti-survivor terminology


Collective Shout: “Twitter loves and supports us”


She wants to report people. Here’s her Twitter profile. Public information.

I blocked her and everyone she retweeted yesterday. I could care less about my account. I set it up to help the community. I’m permanently suspened but Doesn’t matter. The email I used has no direct connection to me. I never used a phone number anywhere. And I broke no law.
OK, I’d say see for yourself but it’s a dead link. I can’t even delete the account. Twitter is done.


We can’t see your posts or replies since you’re suspended. You can appeal here.


Screenshots. Sorry first ones kinda grainy. They got mad at me. :frowning_face:


Btw I won’t appeal it. I think we’re all dumping twitter anyway. Aside from the cool Japanese guys, it’s a really worthless platform. If that’s where most people are getting their news it’s sad. How dumb are we that we let the social media platforms make up our minds for us? Owned by the elites along with the media. We’re gonna base our decisions on their narratives and other people’s opinions. Blah!


Last month, Terri received a Facebook message from a friend alerting her to images of a child sex abuse doll being sold on Amazon. When she opened the images, she realised the doll bore a striking resemblance to her daughter Kat. One picture appeared to recreate a photo of her daughter she had previously shared to Facebook.

They’d be interested to know that this “Terri” story was a fabrication designed to arouse outrage.

There is ZERO evidence that child sex dolls are harmful, their offense does not equate harm. In fact, there is considerable evidence that they actually REDUCE risk.


And that’s another point. Equating a doll as the same as a child is dehumanizing and devaluing the person. Throwing that person in the same category as an object, then attacking MAPs as objectifying children. We know the difference. Dolls have no personality save for what we give them. Admiring and being attracted to children is not the same thing as assaulting them, as if they were an object.
There’s no “practice” anything. Dolls can’t move or talk. Where are the psychologists on this stuff? I really feel people that believe equating these two things as equal, are mentally sicker than anyone else!


Yeah, the “practicing” excuse is really grasping at straws. I am pretty sure humanity figured out how to do that long before we started walking upright. Adorable daughter dolls by the way.


“Collective shout” is an anti (all) porn, and media violence organization. Their goal is to ban all porn, violent video games, movies, tv, and comic books. Their capitalizing on the anti sex doll hysteria to grow legitimacy and normalize banning media.

This is what conservatives have done in the US on the trans issue. It took years for conservatives to grow comfortable enough using government power to enact a single anti trans law. How many bathroom bills failed between 2016 and 2020. But now they have successfully enacted many trans health care bans. They have also enacted laws that restrict access to porn. This is something that would be unthinkable just a few years ago. They are normalizing the use of governmnent power.

Don’t be mistaken “collective shout” wont be happy with just banning child sex dolls, this is just the tip of the iceberg for their radical agenda.


Oh I’m sure of it. Their country and others have banned guns, dolls, adult porn, hentai, lolicon, AND free speech! We see it all coming. Yet they can’t stop drug and human trafficking. Perplexing.


Twitter is still suspending accounts that post photos of dolls. The maker of the brand the user posted doll photos of doesn’t even market the dolls as sex dolls. Those are plastic modular dolls that could be shipped in parts. The only account that posted photos of that brand of doll was recently suspended. He never bothered anyone.


Now we can’t see her profile either lol.


this whole thread is both extremely disheartening but also confoundingly shit-post like.


I’m not sure how to take that? We as doll owners run parallel to anti-c MAPs, believing in the Prostasia Foundation’s values, have been and will continue to take shit from the ignorant general public. Not one doll owner have I met wants or is likely to cause harm to anyone. We are more likely to call someone out on what they think is “normal” behavior toward a child, as abusive.

These same misguided individual’s crusading is based on a number of false beliefs that A) somehow they’re protecting real children. From imaginary dragons.

B) They accuse us of “practicing rape” on our dolls, calling them as such. As if we will eventually commit an act against a real person. They call us “pedocriminals” to mean it in the worst sense of being a child predator with the idea of some future crime we are looking to commit.

C) Convict us of thought crimes against children, objectifying them, and women in general. They endlessly project about “what if” scenarios, and philosophise on morality and likely outcomes. As if they can read minds and see the future. All swirling around religious beliefs.

D) All of this vitriol running under the assumtion that pedophiles are child molesters. Misusing the word pedophile to mean as such. Convicting every pedophile of being a child molester.

Convincing others and lawmakers of their false beliefs with no conclusive evidence or professional studies to back up their claims.

Everything I’m saying is a fact of who I am and every other doll owner I have met so far and gotten to know. We love our dolls very deeply. We have strong emotional bonds with them. To anyone else they should be no different than a broom. We cherish what they have done for us to heal our emotional wounds. We should be thought of as strange at most. The idea that we would harm another human being is nothing but a smoke screen for their hatred.

To confuse a relationship with a doll with a real person, takes value away from a human being. We know the difference. It appears many people do not recognize it. And instead think degenerate thoughts of where a man can put his penis into it. "As if it’s a real person.

Who is really the one with the mental issue and the sexual objectifying thoughts? “As if” it’s a real person. If you think this thread is shit-posting you’re sadly mistaken and definitely in the wrong place.


And in case anyone is wondering. She got her personal Twitter account reinstated. I have sent in appeals if only to see where it goes. I still really don’t care much about Twitter. We are not about to run and hide from these tyrants. It’s an infringement on free speech, personal property rights, and privacy. As an adult, you have every right to change the channel if you don’t like what’s on. And imagine whatever you like.
There is no Minority Report style prevention on anyone doing anything. Stop human trafficking. Stop drug smuggling. Stop people from rioting and acting violently. Good luck!


This woman continues her single-minded moral crusade.

Harmless MAPs who are doll enthusiasts are getting banned by a few virtual signalers. Calling all of us potential predators, calling our dolls deragatory names. As if everyone is only getting them as a step toward hurting a child, when it coulldn’t be farther from the truth.

It’s not an inexpensive hobby to get into. It takes time to receive one once you pay your $1,000+ dollars to order a basic model. And having one custom made (usually the head) from a photo is extremely expensive and takes months if not almost a year just to get the head. Want a custom body? That’ll cost you 10s of thousands of dollars.

Who in their right mind can honestly believe that a person who’s more interested in harming a child (and not interested in facsimiles at all) is going to have the patience, much less the money to do that? It takes much more time and effort.

But NOT using dolls for sexual purposes or having them made as mannequins doesn’t seem to matter to these people. They act like everyone is only one way with them. Treating them only as a sex toy “as if” they were a real child. As if MAPs only are interested in children for sexual reasons.

All I wanted was children. I and many others treat them “as if” they are our children. To hold, to love, to care for to satisfy my parental instincts that are likely never going to be fulfilled. A few to fill the void of losing a child. We love dressing them up and making them look pretty and sharing within our community. We don’t get the real-life experience, all the great things a parent can be proud of; but we also don’t have to experience the tragedies that can come about with life’s uncertainties.

These people are self-aggrandizing, selfish, heartless people. It all about their self-righteous, religious morals, their feelings and no one else’s. They parade about as “saviors of children”, yet do nothing to stop the child sex-trafficking that goes on right in their own backyard. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing and they’re only out for their own “feel-good” cause. All the while attempting to destroy the happiness, joy, and fulfillment we’ve found with our surrogates. With zero interest in harming a child!

They endanger children even more and do nothing to solve the other related social problems. The vitriol toward doll owners, categorizing them all as sex offenders is harassment! They been found guilty in the eyes of moral outrage and condemned. Idiots!

What they also need to remember, since they haven’t done their homework nor care to open a dialog about it. All of this information is backed up with hard data written by experts.

MAP is not a softer way to say “pedophile”, and a pedophile is not necessarily a “predator”. MAP is a broad term encompassing all levels of attraction from 0 to 19. Attraction does not equate action with any certainty. Statistics have shown, a close relative is much more likely to be an abuser.


If we define the word “rape” in gender-neutral terms, as “sexual intercourse without consent,” equal numbers of USA men as women get raped each year, with most of those male victims having female perpetrators according to the US Centers for Disease Control.

Cathy Young writes (in Time Magazine Sept. 17, 2014):
" And now the real surprise: when asked about experiences in the last 12 months, men reported being “made to penetrate”—either by physical force or due to intoxication—at virtually the same rates as women reported rape (both 1.1 percent in 2010, and 1.7 and 1.6 respectively in 2011).

“In other words, if being made to penetrate someone was counted as rape—and why shouldn’t it be?—then the headlines could have focused on a truly sensational CDC finding: that women rape men as often as men rape women.”

If smooching with a lifelike, child-sized doll constitutes “child sexual abuse,” as Coralie Alison’s faction seems to believe, then by that same reasoning, a woman masturbating with a realistic-looking dildo is guilty of “made to penetrate” rape of a “male.” If utilizing a life-sized child doll as a sex toy conditions the user to molest real children, then by that same reasoning, masturbating with a life-sized penis “doll” conditions its user to commit made-to-penetrate rape of real men (as >1 million USA women do each year according to the CDC). The Coralie Alisons of the world need to be put on the defensive and made to either explain why dildos are “different,” else extend their critique to dildos as well.

(And in the case of the dildo, one could, if one chose, mount an Andrea Dworkin-style argument about how the fact that it is an isolated body part thereby constitutes objectification of men by reducing men to their genitals, etc. etc.)