The War on Pornography in the US

Hey, guys! This is my first post. About a month ago, I wrote a Twitter thread complaining about a war against pornography in the US being waged in the shadows. I talk about a lot of stuff in it, but what I find most concerning are these resolutions being passed in individual US states declaring pornography a “health crisis”. Most of them are filled with benign, boilerplate fluff, but some of them are actually asking the federal government to crack down on NSFW content quite hard by doing the UK’s age verification scheme as well as criminalizing and banning everything that fails the Miller Test.
Anyway, what are your thoughts? Are they going to get their way? Or is this just a cynical and meaningless ploy to score political points?
My Twitter thread:
TN Resolution:
OH Resolution:


Thanks Jamie, and everyone should definitely check out his Twitter thread, which is a good one.

Another link you might find useful is the presentation from one of our Advisors, Ian O’Brian from the Free Speech Coalition, given at our launch event one year ago, in which he talks about the public health crisis resolutions. Ian is well-placed to talk about this because his background is in public health. Here’s the video:

I uh, have a bit of alarming news. Trump has nominated TWO fanatical anti-porn judges to the US Court of Appeals:

I saw the following post on Pence’s FB page thought it was a good response. You and the President are pandering to the religious right… he may not get my vote. Posting about it here because I think you are a Zealot. So some food for thought for Republicans…I am a pretty big supporter of things like border security, 1st and second amendment, and am somewhere between center and slightly conservative. But I am noticing a very Religious trend in the right currently. I went to Afghanistan to fight Zealots don’t need it here. And if you think having a Bible in the classroom helps make us free consider this pandering to one religion or having a State sponsored religion is never a way to keep freedoms for all. And I absolutely do not want zealots in our bedrooms. As long as its consensual between adults the government needs to stay the hell out. That is how a lot of people got persecuted over the years, weather its being LBGT, liking porn, or having a dildo or a sex doll its none of the governments GD business. A perfect simple example would be to watch the Imitation Game and think about if Tesla had been arrested BEFORE cracking the Enigma machine…And Trump is pandering to zealots. I wont vote for a country that stifles peoples rights… I will actively fight against it. So me voting for Trump a second time is no longer a guaranteed thing!

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Still, I don’t know how we really fight back right now…

Every time a sexual revolution occurs, neo-puritan and anti-porn ideals rise up to snuff it out. The first noteworthy sexual revolution occurred in the 1850s and was ended by the 1930’s. Another one occurred in the late 1960s and would end by the 1980’s. Once more he had another sexual revolution in the 1990’s but it was ended by the early 2000’s. The current war on pornographic content is a result of the most recent neo-puritan resurgency. This is also and probably the most intense.


So, what does that mean? Are they gonna win?

In the wise words of Jedi Master Yoda ‘‘uncertain the future is, know what will happen… we do not’’.

My generation ( Generation Z ) appears to be quite sexually liberal and our personal definition of pedophilia appears to be quite different from the mainstream definition of pedophilia which is perpetuated primarily by Baby Boomers and Generation Xers. Likewise, my generation still does not talk about these issues openly for 2 reasons. 1. It’s not a primary concern of ours and 2. There are no platforms to do so openly.