These guys are the authoritarian ones as they think sex should be stigmatised

From here:

Fox News reported Thursday that Serio’s classroom “queer library” is “filled with over 100 books – some of which contained sex imagery, information on orgies, sex parties and BDSM.” Of course. Nowadays it isn’t important that students learn how to read or write or do arithmetic, and it certainly isn’t desirable that they gain critical thinking skills that might have them question the wisdom of the all-encompassing federal government and its ever-more intrusive nanny state. What they need is to gain a thorough grasp of deviant sexual practices.

Why? Because the more a young person becomes attached to those practices, the more likely he is to be alienated from his own parents and heritage. He will likely reject his parents’ religion and even regard it with contempt for placing restrictions on the absolutely not-to-be-restricted sexual autonomy of each individual. Once the student is thoroughly contemptuous of his own parents and the values that had animated his people for centuries before he was born, the more easily he can be filled with and manipulated by the latest nonsense from the state.

This is an appeal to tradition. And what if his parents are okay with hom being gay? What if the parents are hay? There are alot of assumptions here. Biggest being that there is an assumption that parents aren’t abusive or that their values have merit.

Thus one must be made to hate one’s own parents — who might tell you that the people in power aren’t competent or good — and one’s own people, and the nation that was created by a bunch of racist slave owners. Whom, then, can a young person trust? Why, Old Joe Biden, and Dr. Fauci, and Sam Brinton, and Rachel Levine, and the rest. They will tell you that things are always what they seem to be. Men are sometimes women. Once you believe that, you’ll believe the other things they tell you as well, and no one will be around to remind you that the ruling group hasn’t been exactly honest in their dealings.

This type of logic is typical project of a cultist. Likewise he give no reason why they are ‘bad’.

Off course the author won’t admit that he is a dirty liar himself. Better to find a sxaoegoat then adimt his lies