They think any discussion about sexis porography!

Take a look here:

Decades ago, most states passed laws exempting schools and libraries from the obscenity laws meant to protect minors. This was done so schools and libraries could reference legitimate artwork from earlier periods which include nudity. (Venus de Milo or Michelangelo’s David come to mind.)

But in recent years, radical adults have been stocking those shelves with some of the most sickening pornography imaginable, including books that encourage children to engage in homosexual sex acts and sex-change “gender” procedures.

This compendium of examples was provided to Idaho legislatures. ( This will shock you! )

Thus, this bill would remove that exemption. In fact, legitimate works of art would not fall under the current obscenity laws. So this bill would only affect actual pornography and obscene material. Similar bills are being filed across the country by pro-family groups and conservative legislators.

MassResistance helped provide a number of expert witnesses to testify in favor of the bill, including a local Idaho library board trustee. Various legislators also brought in other local board trustees who supported the bill.

Not surprisingly, the LGBT movement and the pro-LGBT library associations were furious at this bill, and fought hard to keep pornographic books available to children. They even argued that sexual and homosexual material is somehow “good” for young children.

Notice how they say “encourage”. If you look at their document only one book does any “encouragement” and that is a sex ed book.

Likewise they point to sex scenes but that is like saying sex in a James Bond film is porn. Its almost as if they think seeing sex is the same as encouragement.

On another note:

Children across the country have been horribly disfigured by this medical quackery. The bill would have provided criminal penalties for taking children out of state to undergo these procedures.

Idaho MassResistance activists worked with sponsors and other legislators. They also gathered key expert witnesses, including physicians and people affected by “transgender” surgery, to testify at the public hearing via Zoom.

Dr. Quentin Van Meter, nationally known endocrinologist and expert on this subject, testifies in favor of H675.

Exceot he is a liar.