This fake tweet about Matt Walsh

So, just came across this fake tweet that makes the conservative commentator Matt Walsh out to be a pedophile (it got so much attention Walsh himself had to comment on it):

“but the left doesn’t seem to think you should even suppress those feelings.”

…yeah, you shouldn’t actually. Seems to lead to greater feelings of stress and self-loathing, and thus actually increasing likelihood of a pedophile acting on their urges with a real child. This whole post is fucked. A fake tweet being used as propaganda against someone, more fearmongering about pedophilia, and implying that pedophilia IS something to be suppressed…

Note: I personally am not a fan of Matt Walsh, but I’ll never stand for something like this.


I agree with your post, you shouldn’t repress or deny any feelings you may have, that’s why access to safe, legal, and non-abusive outlets are so important.
A healthy, well-understood line between self-expression and indulgence and acts of abuse against real children does exist.

But the tweet seems more like a lowball attempt at discrediting someone.