Thoughts on Newsletter #22

"…in our shared mission to promote an evidence-based and human rights centered approach towards the prevention of child sexual abuse. "

This is the problem that they are trying to address. It is not possible to prevent child abuse when there is already evidence revealing that a child has already been abused.

So the next best thing to try now is to broaden the definition of evidence. In doing so, adult freedom, privacy, thoughts, kinks, simulation, and whatever else deemed socially distasteful or obscene would need to be made illegal.

Crafting the “perfect world” is the plan. A safe haven for children to play, and an absolute hell for adults to be adults and explore adult life. They want a world where almost zero crime would be possible. It could become as ridiculous as: if you even so much think of something indecent, you’ll be jailed immediately. This is unfathomably impractical.

We live every day not knowing for certain there will be a tomorrow because that is the nature of probability in our reality. We can’t save everyone. It is utterly impossible. We certainly shouldn’t try to save everyone by reducing the freedom of adults to that of children. But we can save many. Start by following leads correctly and providing reasonable incentives for the accused to help solve cases. Start with not crushing human rights. Start with busting the source of abusers, traffickers, distributors and producers. Start with offering more plea bargains and cutting some years off sentencing of those convicted of possession. I’m certain many of those collectors of illegal content would have been willing to help, but would not be given the chance because they are seen as less than human beings for having such a repulsive interest, and are seen as a thing to lock away and never to use to our benefit in actually fixing the problem. These people aren’t nearly as attached to their ring leaders and colleagues as a cult, gang, yakuza, or mafia member would be. Many of them exhibit great resentment and humility when they are caught. I believe they would doubtfully be willing to cooperate and work with law officials to track down the source. This is all that matters. Gaining leads and following them through to the very end, even if it means posing as the convicted person to access their account for data mining, profiling, and forming connections. I don’t know enough about the intricacies of the process, but to me this would be a step in the right direction.

Nevertheless, the main problem of abuse and trafficking remains unsolved and stagnant. Sure, ban all of our adult sex toys, dolls, books, movies, videos, games, literature, and cartoons, and it will solve absolutely nothing while ruining almost everything aspect of being a sexual adult human. Maybe a hand full will gain the courage to revolt. Maybe a hand full will commit suicide. Definitely a hand full will end up in jail. Maybe a hand full will accept it and move onto something else. And maybe a hand full will actually commit to the very extreme actions we are trying to reduce, just out of spite. But never will things will just magically become better.

If Prostasia folds, I fear that there won’t be another strong voice of reason. This is rough territory to try and defend against the masses of irrational thinkers who also happen to wield legislative power. All hope will be lost. I will proudly continue to donate what I can each month, because this directly impacts me as a person who would never harm a child, but I have my fetishes and interests that are not even related to living things, but is still seen as unorthodox. But I am just one person. I am an adult and I can’t experiment with my own life without breaking the law. One cannot even kill themselves without being stopped and incarcerated.

If it comes to a unanimous approval to imprison adults merely because of their sexual fantasies that do not cross the legality line with real people, animals, and public places, then this world isn’t for me. I will be forced to relocate to another country with more relaxed view of private and harmless sexual expression, or even another planet if that became an option, or just be dead. Being dead would be better than being alive and miserable. This goes beyond sex. This isn’t even a sex problem. This is a dehumanization problem.